Liar, Liar, When Will You Begin Telling The Truth?

Detail of "The Liars' Fancy Dress Ball," No.3 in a series of illustrations depicting liars, equivocators, prevaricators, fabulists, politicians and truth manipulators. I sought to draw political cartoons, yes, cartoons, right? Usually a cartoon is a simplified illustration, sometimes with exaggerated features in a satirical way. Well, I gave myself liberty with the terms exaggerated and satire. This was not a fun experience. While drawing these illustrations, I extensively read and listened to the news, more than I already do which is more than what most Americans I know do. That was torturous, depressing and frustrating. It did not matter what issue was being discussed. Lies, lies, lies, propaganda and more lies. Do the administration, politicians and the puppet mainstream media think we are stupid? It is 2014. I hope this is the beginning of real change for the good of our country, not for political expediency and self-serving policies aimed at promoting and advancing special interest groups. I am praying.

Pen and ink drawings on 14"x17" Bristol Boards. Left: The Vermicious Pernicious Fabulist And His Repertoire of Insidious Vermin; Middle: The Incompetent Intolerant Megalomaniacal Pecksniffian Stalinist Equivocator and His Obsequious Sanctimonious Prevaricating Perverted Bumbledom; Right: The Liars' Fancy Dress Ball. Below, details of the Liars' Fancy Dress Ball.

Answer: Never.


Arija said...

What great courage you show digging so deep in that particular heap of filth. The whole pack of them make my skin creep. Unfortunately there is a whole plague of then all over the world.

Ted Blackman said...

Wow! Hieronymous Bosch got nothin' over you. Great artwork.