The Incompetent Intolerant Megalomaniacal Pecksniffian Stalinist Equivocator And His Obsequious Sanctimonious Prevaricating Perverted Bumbledom

The Incompetent Intolerant Megalomaniacal Pecksniffian Stalinist Equivocator And His Obsequious Sanctimonious Prevaricating Perverted Bumbledom. 
Pen and ink on 14"x17" Bristol Board

Happy New Year! 2014 brings us 40,000 new laws. Thank God, what shall we ever do without the all-knowing government! In case you went to bed before midnight last night and just woke up, today is the beginning of a new year. If you are a young boy attending kindergarten in California and think you really are a  girl despite having a penis, you may now use the girls' bathroom, if you wish.

How long will it take you to write the year 2014 correctly? Ah 2013, that was some year, wasn't it? The animal kingdom must have been reading the news coming from Washington and visiting the social media posts emanating from the US. Scientists discovered new species and caught sight of species thought to have been extinct, the likeness of which mimicked the liars and prevaricators in Washington. Yes, the relentless Pinocchios coming from the administration and a colluding mainstream media were also marked by the appearances of Pinocchio lizards and frogs and other animals whose proboscis provided perfect metaphors for the laws that we have been given by demagogues who know better than us how to manage our affairs and tell us exactly what is good for us, but they just had to lie in order to convince us.

On a positive note, they also discovered a wise-looking yoda-like bat, still named Yoda bat because they have not yet given it a scientific name. Perhaps, it will be a harbinger of sensible changes following the year of the living dread.

University bans words. Supposedly, an institution of higher learning bans words, among them Selfie, twerking and Obamacare. Nice, the thought police in full force. Obamacare, named after Obama who took a selfie during Nelson Mandela's memorial service. Obamacare. Never ever forget it. How can we? It is here.

Here is a toast to real hope without lies and the pursuit of love, peace and liberty.


Lisa Graham Art said...

I have no idea how to respond to this complex post...but I have to say that this complex art (and title) is truly amazing.

Happy New Year to you Ces! Looking forward to more of your incredible work in 2014! xo

Arija said...

Looks like your politicians act no differently to ours. I had missed the selfie opportunity though, not a good look at all turning a memorial service into a farce.
Looks like academics have taken a leaf of the politician's book but then, skulduggery has been going on in academe for centuries. Peter resigned rather than churning out students to a lowered standard.

I do hope that this New Year sees you happy and well and well content.
Hugs . . . Arija

Rod MacGregor said...

Happy New Year Ces...That's a cool drawing!! ,,,,No.....Very Cool!