Light and Shadow

Saturday, September 21, 2013. On-call day. Our house was bustling early this morning. We were all up before six. My family has a tendency to converge in the kitchen. That includes Daisy and Wheezy. Daisy stays when the kids are around, then she wants to share a chair with one of them. Wheezy hangs around and keeps me company all day. He knows where food may be found. 

The intermittent pages kept me homebound today. My husband and I wanted to do some grocery shopping and go to a restaurant supply store. Instead, I was in and out of the kitchen where I set ip my work laptop and my MacBook for play. Except for the pages, everything else seemed quiet. I love peaceful weekends punctuated by a little excitement in discovering something new even if it is a result of something mundane and ordinary. I baked a little, did a little laundry, drew a little bit.  May my pager remain quiet tonight. Peace.

Sunday. September 22nd. Today is World Rhino Day. I baked banana bread, cooked chop suey with chayote, boiled shrimp and steamed lobsters. I drank pomegranate tea. The Texans lost. The men are disappointed. I am getting ready for another work week. 


Rick Forrestal said...

Seems like you celebrated World Rhino Day in famous fashion . . . baking, boiling, steaming, drawing, relaxing. Good for you.
Happy First Day of Fall. It's good when the pager is calm. Have a good week.

I read a story in the NY Times this morning, about a new dining trend when groups go out for dinner. They put their "smart phones" in the center of the table, and whoever checks for messages or emails FIRST, picks up the group tab. I love it.

Lisa Graham Art said...

Way to celebrate Rhino Day! And Yay for quiet pagers.

Can I come over for dinner some time...your food looks scrumptious!

Steve E said...

Are there more than ONE "Rhino Day" per year. Seems to me we just finished celebrating.
(A year has really zipped by me, Ces.
Can't wait for 2013! I know it's going to be a GREAT year for us all--grin!
PRACE and LIGHTY--so you can see to squiggle!

k.h.whitaker said...

I want to come and eat at your house ;)