Tomater fra sønnen min hage.


Steve E said...

Now THESE are positively BEAUTIFUL, Ces!!! I forget if you're on Facebook, or the blog. I'd like to pick one or the other...but cannot. When tired of one, the other seems to fit, etc.

I LOVE tomatoes--homegrown. South Florida is know for good tasting tomatoes. I a restaurant I always know--at first bite--if tomato is from here or elsewhere. "HERE" tastes like backyard garden, only with no worm holes.

Steve E said...

Some 30 or so years ago, a sponsor had me read and recite that piece of Desiderata every day...and I did. LOVE it? Yes! A person could become a saint following and living those words of Max Ehrmann.....thanks for leaving it up all these recent days.

martinealison said...

Les tomates... fruits du soleil.
Hum! Cela sent les vacances.

Gros bisous à toi ma chère Ces.

Rick Forrestal said...

Waiting patiently here, for our first home-grown tomatoes.
There's no substitute.

Tammie Lee said...

these are gorgeous photos of gorgeous tomatoes!