Scrambled eggs and Garlic fried rice served with slices of fruits on an Evergreen Fiesta plate.

My son steamed a pot of brown rice the other day. We did not eat it. Throwing it away would be  wasteful, but I am not fond of most leftover foods (except leftover cake, lasagna, spaghetti or Thanksgiving dinner). I asked my husband if he wanted some garlic fried rice and scrambled eggs. I forgot to buy onions and tomatoes from the grocery store yesterday, so I went out to my son's vegetable garden and harvested the rest of the plant ingredients that I needed.

Happy Weekend!


Rick Forrestal said...

What a beautiful food journal.
I can smell the garlic from here!
(Now I'm hungry.)

Steve E said...

Ces, I could love that food served on a rock--
save the green Fiesta Platter.

Happy Father's Day to the Viking in your family!
(you're probably "on call", LOL!)

Blessings and PEACE!

martinealison said...

Ma chère Ces ! J'arrive ! j'ai envie de bruncher avec toi ! Hum !!!...
Gros bisous à toi et bonne fête à tous les papas.

k.h.whitaker said...

You're making me hungry :D

Deborah said...

I LOVE this header. I have always loved this piece of yours. OOoooooo, and your son's garden! See how everything settled down and turned out GOOD. That's the love you and The Viking put in. We all may get lost from time to time, but we always find our way back to love.

Kiss The Viking for me! You will need to stand upon an object that will make you 5' 9" in order to accomplish this task.

I still love you, My Cesalicious!


Arija said...

Lovely Ces. It all tastes so much better when from the garden. You are lucky to have a devoted son/gardener.