Micro Matryoshka. 
Fully functional micro nutcracker made in Russia, 
for which I paid a ridiculous price many years ago. 
Poor guy, he looks overwhelmed by my nuts!


Arija said...

Ha, ha, ha, can't see why he should crush your haycorns, haycorns are for Piglets . . . now, my granddaughter's two pet wild piglets would do a much better job of them.

No skin off my nose if you don't often comment my Ces, as long as I know you are there and enjoying your life in your own special way, that is all I care about.
Love you too.

Bella Sinclair said...

What big nuts you have!


Deborah said...

Ces, everyone is overwhelmed by your nuts! I should know; I'm looking at NINE of them right now!

Happy Birthday, my Cesalicious!

**blows kisses**

Rod MacGregor said...

Amazing...I'm wondering what small nuts does this little guy crack and how does it work???..(Drawn diagram By Ces Adorio would be Nice!!!)

Creations By Mit said...

He has his work cut out for him!!! Very cool little guy!!!

Ted Blackman said...

Wow, look at that little guy. I did not know... he's smaller'n a teacup poodle.

k.h.whitaker said...

That is one tiny nutcracker. Too cute. I have the tiniest acorns in my yard. My grandson keeps bringing in handfuls. He wants me to make acorn stew(is there such a thing?), but I told him he'd have to collect them for months before there would be enough ;)