The Land Where You Once Walked, Where We Now Walk Without You By Our Side But In Our Hearts...

This is your farm, where you once walked. That is the front of the house we called our home, where you spent your days as a teenager and young adult until you moved in with Inday Ched. She was so happy when you kept her company. She no longer felt alone. Then there were six of us at U.P., so quiet while we studied, so noisy while we laughed and cooked popetchka. I was so happy and so proud of you when you graduated from law school. I was there! We climbed to the rooftop at dusk and we saw the sunset. You were there when I left for the U.S. Every time Inday Frey or I would come home, you always met us. When Inday Frey and I went home for Tatay's funeral, everyone had gone home but you waited for us because you did not want us to make the flight home by ourselves. The last three times Inday Frey and I came back you were no longer able to meet us or even see us go. Instead we saw you leave. We miss you so much. Everyday, in fact. We think of you everyday, several times a day. I think of you. I think of everyone. I cannot breathe when I do that. There is a lump in my throat. It hurts just the way it did when I saw you the last time. There are only 28 days this February but it feels so full. It is Mom's birthday anniversary. You and Tatay left in February. It is Inday Ched's birthday. I shall be happy for Inday Ched, yes I will call. And I will be sad because you won't be there. I miss you Inday Leah. Every time I blog I think of you. My heart aches. And you did not see my acorn blog! I know you would have been been tickled and delighted with that. I imagine you would have laughed and giggled. I love you.

I miss Mom. I miss Sammy. I miss Tatay. I miss Nanay. I love you.

Happy Birthday Inday Ched. You are the best teacher I ever had and the most beautiful; you are my favorite, ever! I love you. Happy Birthday!!! I shall eat chocolates for your sake. The things I do because I love you. Hehehehehe!

Ah yes, February is the month of love. Tsup!