So Many Rhinos, So Little Time...I Stand Corrected

Above, white rhino. Below, Indian rhino. Pen and ink on plate Bristol Board. I really love the smooth texture of this gorgeous 500 series surface. Okay, it's just cotton paper. I love it. I am also experimenting with different pens.


I was not happy with the Indian Rhinoceros drawing I recently completed. It was crude. I decided to draw another one (above) and told my friends I was going to draw it again. My brother, ever the inquisitor:

Him: How do you know this is from India?

Me: I did not say it is from India. It is the Indian rhino species - Rhinoceros unicornis. It is primarily found in India's Assam region and also in Nepal. It is the only Asian rhino.

Him: There are Javan and Sumatran rhinos. He he , now you have to draw 3 species. 

Me: WHOOOAAAA!!! You are right. Okay. Never heard of Javan and Sumatran rhino. Thanks for the information. Oh boy so many things to learn.

 Him: so many things to draw by you.

 Me: Sumatran rhinos look different and they have hair! Javan rhinos are so ugly. Hahahah!

 Him: you have to give them a shave, ha ha ha.

Me:  Hahaha. Okay, gotta go to work. Tsup!


Bella Sinclair said...


Save the rhino! Yes we can!

Steve E said...

My Peeps in Naples have for long time believed me certifiably insane.
When I tell them at 7 AM, that I wish to help save the Javan rhino--
they will be certain of their diagnosis.

This rhino series is X-QUIZ-it, Ces

I'm IN! Let's save the (what is it we're "saving"?) Oh yeah, those big Peeps.

Our motto!!!

Ces said...

Aaah, I get the same reaction but they are too polite, so they just smile.

Jay at The Depp Effect said...

Well, first I have to say that I wouldn't have put 'intelligent' and 'rhino' in the same sentence, but we live and learn! Clicker training, huh? Wow...

Secondly, I LOVE your drawings. Are you using pointillism? I flirted with that when I was a teenager, partly because my Dad was an expert illustrator of beetles using this technique and I spent hours watching him draw. Takes me right back!

ernie said...

I feel unhappy about the extinction of the rhino. As long as there are people eating exotic foods or making medicine from internal organs of rare animals, Man will continue to do as he pleases until, ...., until he himself will become extinct.

Ces said...

Amen. Ignorance destroys everything.

Ces said...

Yes, indeed. :)

Ces said...

Jay, I did not know a lot about rhinos and what I have learned so far fascinates me.

I use both but mostly little circles I call squiggles, these days. Stippling is very hard on wrists and squiggles are more gentle. I also like the effect. Thank you.