All Things To Nothing Descend...

All things to nothing descend,
Grow old and die and meet their end...
Nor long shall any name resound
Beyond the grave, unless 't be found
In some clerk's book, it is the pen
Gives immortality to men
(Master Wace (1100 - 1175) - from his Chronicles of the Norman Dukes. Found on the Chart of Harold F Umstott (1907-1922 )

and hopefully rhinos don't have to be a thing in the past and a mere relic in some extinct species encyclopedia. There are only three northern white rhinoceros, or northern square-lipped rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum cottoni) individuals left in captivity. It is extinct in the wild.


k.h.whitaker said...

so beautiful Ces

Ted Blackman said...

Wow, I love that poem. I've heard it before but not from the source you credited. Now it's bugging me where I read it before.

Are you going to do a rhino series? Man, they are just the coolest. It's terrible what's happening to such magnificent beasts. And that people still believe they're horns and other parts bring enhanced well being.

Glad you opened up your blog again. Thought it was 'invited only' for good.

Ces said...

Thank you Karen.

Ces said...

I have seen it several times credited to Master Wace who was a 12th century Norman poet. I think these lines are found in a lot of family charts. The rhino is a break from drawing elephants but as soon as I studied them I was horrified to know their plight. So sad. I closed my blog for a few hours while I was rearranging settings. :)

Steve E said...

Last time I saw--or even thought of--a Rhinoceros was in a zoo 20 years ago. Your latest, really fine, detailed art series is a true delight to view. Your writings make it seem like a pleasant (no exam!) university course.

How would I EVER find a quoted poem wtitten in 12th Century? Your blog IS an education, Ces. Thinking of all the Peeps I know who've died (drunk) in these past 38 years...LOTS of them! Most, I don't even remember their names.
If only they had writ. (But I recall how they died--each one.) All were close to me. Imagine, don't even know their names, like unknown soldiers.

The art on these pages is amazing. Thank you for all of it!

Ces said...

To tell you, I am not an activist and I am not into hugging trees and confronting whaling boats but I admire and support those who do. The rhinos in Asia are being decimated by the insatiable appetite of the Chinese and and other sino cultures who ignorantly and wrongly believe that rhino horns have a medicinal purpose, they don't. They are made of the same materials as nails and hair - KERATIN. They will exterminate an entire species just to drink keratin. That makes me very angry and very sad. Rhinos are not people, they cannot defend themselves from relentless poachers. People need to help. I will do my share. Thanks Steve.