Pen and ink. 8"x11" on 11"x13" Bristol Board

Both the devil and the angels have wings, so do butterflies, bees and flies. When the devil loses his wings, he grows another pair. When you clip an angel's wings, he dies; so will a butterfly, a bee and a fly. So why punish the devil for his deeds by taking away everyone's wings?

Here's something...sometimes long marriages are overrated - seventy years!!!


naomi orana said...

Absolutely beautiful :-)

Steve E said...

Never EVER did I believe I'd LIVE to age 70. And married? 70 years? How could anyone do ANYTHING for 70 years, and not be sick-of-it?
Yet I've been fiddling for 74 years now, liking it more than ever before. Go figure!

About this "wing" business. This is first time I knew about clipping angel wings, angel dies--and devil growing new ones, etc. I won't touch the insect wing-clipping, because as a child I experimented briefly with that exercise.

But the piece itself...WOW! Your acuity--AMAZING! As so much of your art work AND writing. Combine that with persistence like unto beating feet of the Hound of Heaven. An ARTIST you are, through and through.

I love when you "let yourself go" like this. I wonder if God, after creating the Universe, did not say to Himself "What the world did I make THIS time?" HAHAHAHA! ALmost I felt that you sort of emptied your mind (or brain?) in this work, Ces.

It must sometimes be painful. Talent of your type cannot be all wonderful magic, peace, tranquility. Work, work, work, is my guess. Fulfillment is in the completed product which you may like, love--or even may not.

WHY am I going on like this? Please don't ask! because I don't know. OK?

Ces said...

Thank you, Naomi. :)

Ces said...

I am taking literary liberties. I am trying to create a metaphorical allegorical piece. I am sick of things! It will be an insult to say that the country is going to the dogs because dogs are honorable creatures. It is so disappointing and disheartening. I came to this country not just to find work but because I believe in it. I love the idea that the government cannot just arbitrarily create laws to suit those in power but actually rely on the the foundation of the Constitution. Propaganda, Lies lies lies and more lies. This is a country of makers and takers. The moment we, the people allow those in authority to chip away at our liberty for the idea of security, we are a lost nation - we will neither be free nor secure. A government cannot exempt itself from the laws they promulgate for the people but Feinstein's gun ban is exactly that. She proposes banning assault rifles for the citizens but not for those in government. Hmn. That is reminiscent of pre-martial law days in the Philippines. She hypocritically opened her presentation with a slogan "The gun lobby is no match for the cross lobby." She of the party that had to vote, revote and revote on stiking God from their platform. They use God for convenience. Hypocrite. We have no statesmen. In their place are demagogues. I am sad that the party of Jefferson, Lincoln and Reagan have failed to clearly communicate their ideas. They are losing the propaganda war. It is no wonder that citizens are arming themselves. The court, last week ruled that the president abused power with those appointees he shoved when Congress was not even in recess. The media just bypassed that. This is a low information country. We deserve what we get. We allowed this. from now on, I am going to paint and draw what I see. No more cute stuff.

Bella Sinclair said...

Frightening and evocative artwork, dear Ces. You know, Reagan fully supported the Brady Bill and an assault weapons ban. This was after his presidency, after he was no longer affected by the gun lobby, after his assassination attempt. Hypocrisy does not lie in one party alone. You know where I stand. I know where you stand. I love you regardless. Tsup.

Ces said...

If I remember, the ban did take effect and if did not stop mass shootings. To think that you and others will somehow bevsafe while our country is in a fast track to tyranny baffles me. Most Americans have become a one- issue voter picking information to bolster the myths. To those who really believe in gun control, post a gun-free sign outside your homes. I invite you to join me in evaluating the state of our union four, eight, twelve years from now when our country has become a majority of takers and these socialist policies have taken effect. I lament the loss of true conservative voice but I believe in miracles or worse, war.

Steve E said...

Truly I believe politicians fear we the people. Bit-by-bit, our inalienable rights are being disintegrated, until we shall have none.

HAHA! "In the National Forests: "DO NOT FEED THE WILD ANIMALS" (Because they would soon forget how to feed themselves.) Isn't that just what Washington is doing to millions of us? Handing out the minimum of necessities (no jobs, etc!) so we WILL forget how to work, ear, accept responsibility for our behaviors, our lives...is that the plan?

Sean Hannity (Fox TV) is not a favorite Peep of mine. But since viewing his Sunday night 9:00 PM show re Washington DC and its--yes--nearly TOTAL corruption, I have no longer any hope for our country. No longer those meaningless words, God bless America. More appropriately: "GOD SAVE AMERICA", because God is the only Power which can do that.

The goal is clear now that eventually all arms will be outlawed (two meanings there), no guns among the populace...because our rulers KNOW we are an army out here. So take away our guns (not today, just piece by piece), confiscate our weapons. No guns, no army! Simple, right?

What is the name of our country? M O N E Y ! Thank God I will leave this place between now and 2030. More likely much sooner, because the new medical laws will deem my (quarterly) rather costly cancer medication will not survive the Medical Jury's opinion of my worthiness. I DO NOT CARE! You HEAR me, Washington DC? The day you tell me I am not worthy to live will be a happy one. Imagine, going somewhere devoid of greed, inhumanity, and evildoers.

I cannot blame any politicians, lobbyists, or corporations who invest in their Washington Peeps, to wind up with 3,200% return on their lobbying investments. (GE!) How can one not be like "everyone else"? We the People are the breast at which they ALL so voraceously feed. Is it not a shame?

And they hide their misdeeds behind stupid issues, fake reasoning, and false promises, They suck us dry and WE DON'T EVEN KNOW IT! Thank you, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, et al.

SHAME ON US. We DID let it happen, you know. And we continue to keep our heads in the sand. It is our OWN tearful mea culpa we must answer...

There I went again. Talk (write!) too much, vent, vent, vent. Hey someone is knocking at the door. From the sound, it's either the CIA or FBI...HAHAHAHAHAHA! Come on in, have a coke...OH? You want SOME coke, not "a" coke......hmmmmmm!

Ted Blackman said...

Guns dont kill people, insane people do. There are 300 million guns in America. Good luck trying to keep those out of the hands of insane criminals. Gun laws only hurt us law abiding citizens, as people like Feinstein slowly chip away at the 2nd amendment and our right to protect ourselves. 10 to 1 she has an assault rifle in her home to protect herself.

Ted Blackman said...

That old dude sure has a slow fuse. Took him 70 years to finally stand up to the nagging. Weird.

Ces said...

If people really believe in gun control sign this:


The height of hypocrisy:


Bella Sinclair said...

During the previous assault weapons ban, there was not a ban on high capacity ammunition to go along with it. That, along with weak background checks and no requirement to register, undermined its effectiveness. Had the ban not been allowed to expire, I doubt Newtown would have happened. I am not saying ban all guns. Do not put words in my mouth.

During the last gun ban, were you worried and frightened about government tyranny?

Bella Sinclair said...

The majority of mass shooters were not deemed insane before they let loose. They were supposedly law abiding. Even military go mad. Look at Fort Hood. Law abiding citizens make mistakes in gun safety. Law abiding people are not always responsible. Law abiding citizens sometimes never ever dream that their teenage son will ever commit such a heinous act. Law abiding citizens sometimes lose their temper and give in to vengeful impulses. I wouldn't trust my neighbor to watch my child unless I knew them well. Why would I trust them with an assault rifle?

Sorry, Ted. I have no beef with you. This is just a personal issue with me, and I refuse to sit quietly.

Ces said...

No. The government was not run by a socialist president who was intent on redistributing wealth and turning the majority of the American people into dependents. The president then believed in free-enterprise; believed in the individual's pursuit of excellence and not punishing success. The government was not run by a president who urged his followers to vote out of revenge. The President then did not speak as if our country was the enemy. This president does.

Ces said...

My goodness! You are on a roll. Incidentally you forgot to mention that the Fort Hood shooter was a muslim soldier who yelled the name of Allah before he shot the Christian soldiers and staff. The president did not want the word terrorist attack used and warned the public to rush to judgment. To this date the families cannot get the benefits. According to the government this was a work-related issue. Now he refuses to shave for the trial the name of his religion.

You are right, no one can predict what the human mind will do. I think you believe that all lives are valuable, right? Not just the children's lives. Therefore we should ban cars, knives, hammers, school buses, propane tanks or anything that has the capacity to kill and maim. It's idioccy! To limit our actions, our way of life and our liberties for the idea that we will somehow be more safe is unreasonable and not sensible. What makes you think that a police officer, a soldier, a security guard, a secrete service agent will not go insane and kill. So do we disarm everyone? Should we arm the secret service guarding the president only with revolvers? What about our police? Just give them revolvers too? They have the chance of going insane too. Also, the media had a heyday with the reporting after the Newton incident. They were reporting rumors after rumors about the killer and his family. The assault rifle was left inside the car. Lanza used two handguns.

Ces said...

This is my biggest gripe... Feinstein proposes legislation and exempts herself and others in government. Who the heck they think they are and what does she think of us? How many guns does she own?

Ces said...

This government despises the people especially those who work hard and are successful.

Amalia K said...

Thought provoking, bizarre, frightening and brilliant. Not many people could have all those things going in one piece of art. Unless they're Ces, of course. :)

Hugs, XOXO

Bella Sinclair said...

Why should I mention that he is Muslim? Not all Muslims are terrorists, and there is freedom of religion in this country.

When knives and hammers have the capacity to kill dozens of people in mere minutes, then yes, maybe we should look into banning them. There was a knife attack at a school in China on the same day as Newton and how many children died then? None.

Do not tell me that the Colorado shooter used a handgun. And Adam Lanza did use an assault rifle.

Feinstein is also exempting people who already own those guns, not just herself. I have no problem allowing govt officials and law enforcement to have those kinds of weapons. There are still criminals out there, after all.

Bella Sinclair said...

This is demonizing.

Ces said...

Not because all muslim are terrorists but because this one was! Argh. Open your eyes. This man did this act in the name of Allah. Obama did not want the word terrorist mentioned because he did not want any terrorist act happening in his watch. That is also the same reason why after 8 days of the Benghazi attack he continued talking about the video instead of calling the murder of Ambassador Steven an act of terror. Certainly among these ivy league high IQ officials Obama, Rice, and Clinton they should have clued in. The regular American people did for sure! Instead they took us for fools. Now Clinton's new slogan is "What does it matter?" Huh? Our ambassador is dead and it does not matter? Shameless! Tell that to Ambassador Steven's family and the families of three other slain American diplomats. Shameful!

Ces said...

Hello there! Ahh Amalia, sad and disturbing times. It is deja vu all over again. :)

Ces said...

We should ban knives.

Ces said...

You are right:

Seized inside the school:

#1. Bushmaster .223 caliber– model XM15-E2S rifle with high capacity 30 round magazine

#2. Glock 10 mm handgun

#3. Sig-Sauer P226 9mm handgun

Seized from suspect’s car in parking lot:

#4. Izhmash Canta-12 12 gauge Shotgun (seized from car in parking lot)

I wonder if I can use Hillary Clinton's impassioned commentary here"
"What at this point does it matter?"

Also I never thought of this but something for you to ponder. Who has killed more children? Obama or Adam Lanza? http://www.ct.gov/despp/cwp/view.asp?Q=517284


Ces said...

By the way, freedom of religion does not mean proclaiming the name of your god in glory as you slaughter your co-workers. Stop sugarcoating the whole incident. These are all despicable acts but we cannot equate Newton massacre as a terroristic act while Fort Hood as a work-related injury.

k.h.whitaker said...

Have you been taking lessons from Andrew? This is very creepy, but creepy in a good and interesting way. Wow, beautiful, I love it.

Ces said...

No lessons from Andrew but I decided to interpret current events. :)

Steve E said...

Hmmmm. I think we should ban FISTS, because lots of Peeps get hurt in fistfights, and some get killed. Just slice every man's hands off.
(That would also take care of any gun problems.)

Would also put an end to violinists, and the screeching sounds they produce.
And that would cure Peeps from picking in their nose, etc., etc.
Have to research this more during the Super Bowl next Sunday.
Good Night, all you peeps!

Ces said...

Speaking the truth is demonizing? Our founding fathers warned of tyranny, of a government that deems itself above the people and beyond the law. This is what is happening. Legislation is being proposed for the people but exempts government, just like what Feinstein is doing. There is abuse of power (the weekend appointments that bypassed Congress - the courts declared then to be abuse of power; there is legislation being proposed by a Democrat to abolish the two term limit. Only FDR served more than two terms and that was because of the war. Even Washington when asked to serve a third term refused stating that power corrupts and that is exactly why they left England. No I am not going to go about this debate blindly. I do not believe the Democrats have the best intention of the people and the country in mind. If the tables were turned and the Republicans did this, I will be up there decrying these acts. You do your share and I will do my share. Perhaps some semblance of this great country will remain after this divisive administration.

Bella Sinclair said...

Gurl, I love you.


Ces said...

Hah! I love you more!

Ces said...

Yes, logic does lead us to that? You are not the first one to say that we should amputate everyone's hands. I wonder when will we ever learn that we cannot legislate behavior and the government is the least qualified entity to decide what is appropriate behaviour. We cannot promulgate laws that stifles present liberties to prevent possible future events that may or may not happen.