The Thought of Love Warms Any Cold Day

Happy Birthday to my beautiful darling niece Lysa! I love you. Tsup!!!


Is love an idea or a feeling?
Listen to Pink Floyd's "Us and Them" while you contemplate on that. It is a nice soothing melody. :) 
Or better yet, "The Great Gig In The Sky."


Ted Blackman said...

I have a pretty good idea it's a feeling.

Lisa Graham Art said...

It's both. I love that song by Pink...and love your drawings. The one on the left makes me want to walk in the snow. But we don't have any right now.

Hope you are well dear Ces.

Tammie Lee said...

i am loving your snow
your wintry art
my world is just like that

Nicoleta_B said...

Awesome post, dear. Love it!

Visit my blog when u have time and maybe we can follow each other.

Many kisses!



Amalia K said...

Your wintry art is definitely my favorite!! There's always that beautiful kind of peace and serenity that I would gladly get lost in...

I hope you are well, my friend, BIG HUGE HUG to you! XOXO

k.h.whitaker said...

Love the snow art. That may be the closest thing to snow that I see this year. It was 65 degrees here yesterday. It's going to be a tepid Christmas ;) Pink Floyd, wow, I haven't listened to Pink Floyd in ages. I think I'll do that while I paint today :D

yehudit triomferende said...

Mi dispiace, io non sono molto fluente in inglese. Ho scoperto il tuo blog mentre ero alla ricerca di Quercus roverella. Ho visto il tuo blog quercia - "An Acorn A Day". Che un progetto di divertimento che si sta facendo, ma questo blog è solo un sito meraviglioso. Ho appena iniziato a bloggare questa settimana sotto la spinta di mia figlia. Spero di essere in grado di condividere i miei interessi più presto.

Jean said...

Comme toujours , j'aime beaucoup !
Quelle créativité vous avez !
le légume de la photo de mon blog est l'asperge , en hiver .

As usual, I like very much!
What a creativity you have!
The vegetable of the photo of my blog is the asparagus, in winter.

froggie said...

ahhhhhh yummm! this makes me wanna have some really good soup tonight. and wine. and crusty bread. gorgeous work, cessie!

and the happiest of holidays!

Andrew Finnie said...

Love is a bunch of yummy things all hanging around together, set off bittersweatly by the vacuum that forms when at last it dissappears....

Apart from that it is fun and a neccessity....

Hey Ces, :) Are you well? But of course! I just came by to give you a hug and say Merry Christmas to you and yourne, and to wish you well for 2013 :) Let me tell you a joke .... Q: what did the English policeman say when he saw three holes in the ground .... A: "well, well, well..."

Andrew Finnie said...

Facey book is an interesting Tool. Here in my town all the artists are in touch via facebook. It's been interesting putting my digital work out there - they are just used to seeing my landscapes - hopefully something will come of it locally - unless they stick me in thelocal asylum for scarying the intestines out of some of the youngsters (all people under 23 ;) ) see you!

Andrew Finnie said...

ah I used 'interesting' twice. Velly Intewesting :)

Jean said...

Happy day to you , for Christmas !

Je pense beaucoup à vous !

Steve E said...

Hi Ces...just dropped by to see a snow job--I mean some of your snow work--grin!
Glad I dropped out from blogging, but missing your daily stuff...
Your nuts look so real... like Monalisa (the song):
"...Are you warm, are you real, Monalisa?
Or just a cold and lonely, lovely work of art?"

I melancholy tonight, so dropped by to read about "love",
which I think is an action word, as in "do something" and so
I'll be up at 5 AM and go out to "do something".
Don't know what, until it happens, even then, seldom know!
BRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrr it's already cold--even in the house.

The "doing" of love is well expressed in art, poetry, sculpting, architecture and music SO WONDERFULLY!
And....you do express, Peep!

Take care, Ces-Girl. Enjoy the closeness, and LOVE of family during this season.

k.h.whitaker said...

Merry, merry, merry Christmas Ces!!! I hope that you and yours are having a wonderful holiday season!!!


Andrew Finnie said...

Hello Ces, well guess what. I came to give you your present :) It is the same as last year, and the year before... :) Can you guess what it is? Heh.

Merry Christmas to all of you Ces (that's not Ces ces ces ces and Ces, but you and your family and the people you like a lot) Hugs from Ostrichalia .. I oh nearlr wrote that snot instead of "that's not" Og that woulg be bag eh? Damf keygoards!

illustration poetry said...

Merry Christmas to you my dearest Grandewitch and i hope you have an amazing New Year!!!!!


Jean said...

"......Home is my refuge. My family is my home. I am interested in many things: trees; big, tall and ancient trees; leaves; gigantic leaves; clouds; oak; acorns; miniature objects; toys; boxes; paper; history; classic literature; politics; books; old books ....."

Oui , je ressens comme vous !
Home , family , trees,clouds, classic literature , books ...
Nous aimons les mêmes choses
J'aime également beaucoup les animaux .
Tous les animaux !

Yes, I feel as you!
Home, family, trees, clouds, classic literature, portfolios...
We like the same things
I also like very much animals.
All the animals!

Je vous souhaite une magnifique nouvelle année , qu'elle vous donne beaucoup de bonheur !
I wish you a magnificent new year, that it gives you a lot of happiness!

Maria said...

Dear Ces, it's so good to visit your blog again! I wish you a happy new year and send you all my best wishes from Vienna! Maria.