In the year 2009, a little girl from Texas embarked on a journey with her pet elephant, rooster, pig and rabbit.

She was going to bring a Christmas tree to her friend in California.

But she took a detour to Winnipeg, Canada to visit her friend Renee.

...and proceeded to go through Arizona to visit her friend Deborah.

Until she finally reached her friend in California, but her friend was not home.
And the HOA manager told her she could not bring the elephant into the compound.
So she camped out at LAX and waited for the next flight to the Philippines.

I drew this series in 2009 when my dearest friend Renee was still alive. Renee was loved by many. When she passed away from cancer, the blogging world turned dark that day. But Renee was such a bright spirit. Sometimes when I miss her, I read our "commentsation" on our blogs and I laugh so hard, I cry.

Merry Christmas to all my friends.


Steve E said...

A LOVELIEST of Christmas Presents for us Blog-Peeps. Your "Bee-Line" trip from Texas to LAX,
"...and all the ships at sea." as Walter Winchell used to radio every Sunday night during 30s and 40s.

Sounds like a wonderful pilgrimage, Ces! It was as a latecomer that I--yes, another Bald-Headed-Baby--came under the influence of your circle of Peeps.

Since then I have absolutely received spiritual aid from everything you have drawn or writ, and this squiggled journey is another of those profound moments for me.

So thank you, from
Me, who hates all Peeps, the Universe, and all things created and uncreated--grin!

(You K N O W that's not true, right?)

C.P. Adorio said...

You know Mr. Steve, I think you will perish if you started hating. That is just not possible. I have never read anyone who genuinely loves humanity. May you even be happier. As for me I meant what I wrote two days ago.

C.P. Adorio said...

And also about chocolate.

Steve E said...

Honestly, I don't hate you...

...but I DO have to WONDER about a Peep who hangs around with an elephant, a long-eared candidate for hasenfeffer dinner, a hog, a rat, and an alarm clock which crows like a rooster.

WHAT did you write two days ago? I can only remember 60 YEARS ago--nothing since then--half-way serious, that!

--Also I know you hate the word "Peep" (SEE?) But it's MY word. So THERE!
Good night!

Ted Blackman said...

Well gosh, no wonder her friend in California wasn't home... all those detours. But that's a nice story.

I tried to come up with something for the 'explore' word but just gave up. I figure if I don't have something by Tuesday night then better go to plan B.

C.P. Adorio said...

Two days ago you wrote an extemely happy-positive update that I actually became hyperglycemic.

Steve E said...

And NOW...are you back to "hypoglycemic"?
Love and PEACE, Ma'am!

k.h.whitaker said...

Love the series Ces. I do love elephants.

Emily said...

Fantastically lovely series Ces -- I especially like the piggy.