Little Lillyput

 Little Lillyput 
Reading a book
While three giants watch
Their names 
James, Bill and Hatchepsut
Click on the littlies 
to enlarge and zoom
What did you expect
A rhyme?


Steve E said...

Nice de-tailing
of Mice Detailing
Giants of three
Don't scare...
W-w-wh-whhh-who, ME?

Plant some seed
Give me book to read
while I play with rats and bats...
Not allowed...I said NO CATS!

Ces, I should NEVER comment
on your work at 1:00 AM.
As I read it back,
seems like so much sewage.

But I have good intentions!
Good Night!

LOVE the drawing--"Fine Art"

Bella Sinclair said...

That's me on the right. My 'stache is growing in nicely.

She is sooooo adorable and very sweet to let them run all over her like that. What's she reading? Of Mice and Men? Flowers for Algernon? You know, those giants remind me of John, Paul, George and Ringo. I LOVE this! I am intrigued! Why is she there? What are those giants going to do? Is someone going to sneeze? I just gotta know!!!

Steve E said...

Bella, you already know all you need
i.e., "Of Mice and Men"...HILARIOUS!
(And the truth!)

NOT ONE DAY goes by
that God does not "hear" me
thank Him...
for allowing me to know YOU two Peeps!

(November is "Gratitude Month" for a few million
"recovering" alcoholics all over the world)

k.h.whitaker said...

This is fabulous Ces. I love the giants peeking in. Such a wonderful piece... love,love,love :D

Tammie Lee said...

i think the giants are curious or concerned as to why a tiny little girl is friends with so many mice!
i think she is reading them a story and even the giants leaned in to hear...

Jean said...

Quelle créativité vous avez !
C'est formidable !
J'adore ce que vous faites .
Bonne journée .

illustration poetry said...

Grandewitch i'm okay, just got back from holidays!
i have missed you, i hope i can post something new soon.

agree with Bella, this drawing reminds me of The Beatles cover art album "Revolver", AWESOME!!!

a song for you from the album

Shirley said...

Ces, those Giants have me scanning right along with them! There's so much to discover in this scene..and I think Lillyput has it right...enjoy a book and let everything wash away. I am sending a HUGE hug and my sincerest gratitude for your kind and wonderful friendship these many years. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family dear Ces. I hope it's full of love and good food and time spent well doing whatever you wish. I am taking time off today to be with my little ones. Hugs! xoxo

Ted Blackman said...

Yes, I expect a rhyme. But Hatchepsut is such a cool name, I will let you off the hook. That's a hard name to say without spitting. I'll bet impossible to say while eating crackers.

aimee said...

I love working my way through your black and white drawings... it's like going on a treasure hunt! So much fun stuff hiding in there!

Arija said...

Your drawings are becoming even more intricate if that is possible.
Things ar starting to look up a little, the compression bandages are beginning to make a difference.
Love you my dear Ces . . . Tsup . . .Arija

Lisa Graham Art said...

Yes! I expected a rhyme. I would give a dime to have a rhyme. So when you have time. More fun drawings too! What a great drawing!