How To Draw A Tree

 First, plant a tree...

I was not thrilled with this prompt. It is like asking me to draw an acorn or a leaf. However, instead of just picking out a few drawings from hundreds (actually little over a thousand is not an exaggeration) of tree drawings, I actually drew the image below for Illustration Friday's prompt!


This is Bojak Patikingkuting. He works at the abattoir at night and at the plant nursery in the morning. He sleeps in the evening. He likes to smoke marijuana and drink whiskey. Sometimes he gets confused. One night he went to the nursery to plant a tree... 8"x10" Pigment pen and ink drawing on 9"x12" Bristol Board. The term "bojak" is an aiming position in the game of marbles. As a kid, I was a "bojak" and "strike" expert. Below: Family trees:

Ten years ago, today, my beloved mother passed away. She died in my arms and my sister Freah's. We went home to the Philippines to take care of her for a month. All of my brothers and sisters went home and stayed with her for several weeks. That day, she was supposed to go home.  My sisters and brothers loved my mother but just as we thought no one else could love her more, our father did. It was so obvious my parents loved each other very much.

I never failed to kiss my mother goodbye every time I walked out of the house. One day I was so angry. I walked out of the house without kissing her. From the kitchen, she saw and bade me a safe trip to my high school and a good day. I ignored her. I kept walking. The walk from my home to my school took about fifteen minutes. My classes started at 8:00AM. When I reached the school, I felt so awful that I ran back home. I saw my mother doing laundry and I told her that I came back to give her a kiss and I started crying as I apologized. I am sure she told me something very wise but all I can remember is the pain in my throat. I never left the house again in a bad mood.  I think I managed to instill that to my children. While they are American teenagers and quite different, they are very tender and loving, not because I tell them to be. When they were growing up, my husband and I continually told them stories of us growing up and mostly how wonderful their grandparents were as parents. Sometimes I feel so incompetent, especially when I compare myself to my mother. I console myself that American teenagers are the most challenging subjects. :)

My mother never saw an oil painting of mine. She saw my watercolor paintings and drawings. She used to scold me a lot because I drew all the time. She said I was so lazy and all I did was draw and play. She was worried that I drew a lot of house floor plans, hundreds, thousands of them! She was very worried :)

L to R: Basswood at the Blue Ridge Mountains, The Dell in England, Little Dot.

If my mother was here today, she would ask me why I am drawing pictures of ugly looking men like the one above. I did not mean to draw an ugly man. I don't know why I kept thinking of the city abattoir when I was drawing that man. I was also thinking of smoking marijuana, not me, but the legalization of marijuana smoking in two states. Okay, so I was thinking of a lot of things, plus I was doing laundry and I also baked two chicken pot pies. I was also craving for doughnuts so after months and months of talking about wanting to eat doughnuts, my husband and I went out and bought doughnuts. I woke up at five this morning hoping to eat left over doughnuts with my coffee while I worked on our project implementation, but my doughnuts were gone! Ooooh I was very upset but I had to work, so my husband said he will go out and get more doughnuts. He did. Yum!!! Thank you, honey. Tsup!

 How to draw a tree...



dosankodebbie said...

I love your trees more than I know how to say in words... Your art is like your private diary, isn't it. I wonder how much my art reveals of me without my being aware of it. Probably more than I want it to.

Steve E said...

I do not have the right to say this, but many of these drawings are like old friends to me, especially the ones which have appeared here from time to time. I just want to lightly rub my fingers over them while smiling and admiring, then wink knowingly at them --on my monitor! CRAZY? Yup! Once I was certified...one HAPPY day. Marijuana and whiskey will DO that, in time.

You fabulous woman, Ces--and Viking--(the doughnut story, LOVE it!) I have more to write, but my chair becomes electrifried-d-d-d at midnight!
PEACE, talented, workaholic Peep!

OOOOH, now I can hear "WHAT? WHO is workaholic? HMPHF!

Ted Blackman said...

You are the tree master. But I like that odd man above. At first I thought he was some sort of twisted relative of Johnny Appleseed. Maybe he lost his hand as punishment for stealing a pie?
Hey, have you ever seen the short film "The Man Who Planted Trees"? Here is part 1. You will be mesmerized with it's story telling:


Rick Forrestal said...

This is quite a post.

And I especially like your story about the importance of kissing your mother,
about getting to school, turning around and going back home, just to kiss your
mother and apologize . . . that pain in your throat.

You are indeed the "tree master."
We love your tree drawings, your stories.

Bella Sinclair said...

I have calves that look like that. And his eyes, too.

When I hear the leaves rustle in the trees, I always think they are whispering your name. Queen of the trees, that's what you are.

k.h.whitaker said...

You draw amazing trees Ces. They are all so interesting and complex, just like you :D ooooo, Queen of the trees, yes I agree.


Coreopsis said...

These are all beyond gorgeous. I especially like two of the ones in the middle--the one on the left that looks silhouetted, and the one in the middle with the gorgeous light on them. And also the "how to grow a tree series." Hell, I love all your tree drawings (at least the ones I've seen). These give me a kind of pang in my chest. I love trees too, but I haven't drawn that many of them.

As a parent of former American teenagers, and a teacher of many many American teenagers, I have to admit that they are on the whole a fine bunch of people. Good luck with yours!

Nora MacPhail said...

Your drawings are so frickin' fantastic that I don't even know what to say... except that they are fantastic!!

Jean said...

"...First, plant a tree..."

Oui , les arbres , non seulement sont très beaux , sont vivants , mais nous respirons grace à eux !
J'adore vos sessins des arbres !

Ces Adorio said...

Thank you Debbie. Well, in a way, it is a sort of diary. I really am not the type who is able to draw or paint something because someone asked me to do it. I only paint and draw what I imagine or feel without thinking how it will please someone else, it sounds selfish, but seriously I cannot bear anyone telling me what to draw or paint. That is probably why I have a day job or else I will be on welfare. Hehehe!

Ces Adorio said...

Of course you have the right to say it. You are free to say whatever you want, you know that?! :) DOUGHNUTSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

Ces Adorio said...

Ted, thank you very much for that link. I was captivated. I watched part I and II until and was so engrossed and only realized that I folded all my clean laundry!

He is rather twisted, isn't he? Poor guy. I am reminded of someone when I drew this, a hunchback who was an excellent track and field athlete when I was a a little girl.

Ces Adorio said...

Thank you Rick. Some things I don't forget. Actually, a lot of things. My head will explode, too many meories, small head, must expand...:) Hope you are well.

Ces Adorio said...

I don't know. All the times I saw you, you were wearing pants. You must fold them like Bojak does. :)

Tammie Lee said...

the question is, will Bella be folding her pants up? ;-)
i love that you kissed your mother as you left....
parenting.... a tricky thing to do ;-)

loved seeing your tree art
i love your tree art
but you know that
i think