Mirror, Mirror On The Wall...What The Heck Happened To Me?!

Self Portrait 2009. Actually not. Maybe. Something I drew in 2009 in the car while on a long drive with my family. Sketch book and colored micro pigment ink, photo safe, acid free, archival quality, lightfast, waterproof, fade proof, non-bleeding, the color of the caps indicate the color of the markers. Cnforms to ASTM D-4236, okay I am being facetious. I don't feel well, perhaps because I looked at myself in the mirror and I did not like what I saw.

Yesterday my son told me that he saw a nipple tattoo parlor in the same place his friend was having a  manicure. He asked the proprietress why someone would have a nipple tattoo. With precision imitation Vietnamese accent, he said: "Oh it because your nipple get dark so you can have it pink all the time." There you go! He also told me that women have their eyebrows plucked and permanently tattooed. Ouch!

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New project: Selling art prints, stationery cards, iPhone covers and skins at Society 6. Somewhat fun but it makes me sit on my butt for a looooooooooong time, that part I don't like. More of that and I will look like the above drawing. It takes a lot of work to prepare files fit for archival art prints but it was time I tried it after my Facebook friends kept nudging me. One good thing, talking about art with friends got them to pick up their brushes, drawing and calligraphy pens again. So check it out. Bookmark my Society 6 profile. This is my first week. I will be updating it with new illustrations.


Rick Forrestal said...

Love the self portrait!
(Are those varicose veins???)

Ces Adorio said...


Tony LaRocca said...

One of those cubist mirrors I've heard so much about!

Bella Sinclair said...

She's been finger painting! And looks like she has visited the nipple tattooist. OUCH! OUCH! This one is so much fun. That chair is wild!

Hope you are feeling a little better, my sweet. I am disheveled and dusty and sweaty from a day of cleaning. I am afraid to look in the mirror.

Wow, don't your drawings look magnificent on phones!!!

Steve E said...

I have written three times a long comment(s), and with each
I wander off into other parts of your blog, and lose what I had
so earnestly, wittily, and of course, succinctly(!!) written.

So for the last time--short form...

1. Like your "Picasso" with the chessboard floor covering! Used to
believe that cubism meant he was Cuban! I'm not a mirror guy,
except for mental reflection--as in "How BAD was I today--grin!"
Whether I 'see' me in mirror or not, I will still be (Ugh!) me.

2. Society 6-- I have been to several times, in fact, signed up a
week ago and became a Ces-follower! Have trouble finding
my way in there, but No Matter What, I will DO it.. I am in buying mode,
but need more selection. Your stuff on there is worth FAR more than $18-20.
I've not seen ANY to match your talent, you ARE a "best" artist.
Have you looked around? Maybe one of your children would take an interest in sales.

If I pay $18...or $180...or $580 for a violin, I already KNOW it is a piece of crap,
because of value placed on it by its maker. WAIT A MINUTE NOW! Please wait until
I buy some as Christmas presents before you raise prices LOL!

3. Did I write "succinct" Well forget THAT!

Love, Peace and always JOY, Ces!

Hey that's BELLA a couple comments above...
Secondo Favorito, Lady Bella!

Steve E said...

As usual, I forgot: "one more thing"...My favorite All-Time painting of yours, Ces, is SCARLET, with coffee cup, pretty wood-grain desktop, awesome blue blouse/jacket, and elephant icon embroidery!

Wish you'd consider adding her to Society 6--Again, start your price-thinking at somewhere between $50 and $500 AFTER I HAVE PURCHASED--grin!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING!!! YOU ARE A SHOW ALL BY YOURSELF CES! Such a fabulous aray of wonderful work. Thanks so much for that awesome birthday wish. I send you much love as always and hugs.
Tsup My Sweets!

illustration poetry said...

yes i know i know i'm the laziest blogger ever!! you're so funny :DD
oh what is society6???
the phone cases look sooooo great... ♥

illustration poetry said...

i got the template from here

Andrew Finnie said...

She who never sleeps eh? I didn't notice the nipples at first, now they keep poking me in the ey, lucky I am wearing my safety rx :) see you Ces, I hope you are well. You know, when I look in the mirror I am beautiful - when I see photographs of myself I look old and ugly. It's terrible how many bad photographers there are these days :)

Rod MacGregor said...

Ces you are a demoiselle d'avignon wannabe!

Lisa Graham Art said...

You make me laugh Ces! I have bookmarked Society 6 and so excited you are selling your stuff!!!

Ted Blackman said...

I could see tattooing your eyebrows on if you had no eyebrows, but why would you pluck them out only to tattoo them back on? Huh?
It's nice to see a splash of color. Very splashy.

Andrew Finnie said...

a friend of mine her eyebrows tattoed on, now she always looks surprised, even when is isn't :)
beware the bearer of tattooed eyebrows .....
at least she doesn't suffer from eyebrow dandruff, a common affliction effecting/affecting hald of all eyebrows in the Western developed world soth of latitude 49....
you can tell when a gathering of eyebrow dandruff suffereres gather in more than a group of ten, because of the sudden appearance of an apperent blizzard,
it's a great crowd dispersal feature but it make photography hard
that's why there is no evidence for the statistics I just quoted, but believe me, once you'v seen it you never, everforget