Factory Reset

I Remember Pekojit Pitobotron***, The Hunchback Runner Of The Province Of Sultan Kudarat, Now Retired And A Leather Craftsman.
8"x10" Micro pigment and India ink on 11"x14" Bristol Board.

I wonder what would happen if we have an option for a "factory reset" when our bodies fail, but only if we can choose our age. You can go back to an age of your choice, however you lose everything that you have accumulated after that age, including all relationships. Think about that.

Talking about factory reset, my phone had a glitch today and reset itself. I lost everything: my calendar, all my contacts, my paid applications, my voicemails... the emotional upheaval is amazing when the technology upon which you depend, fails. I could not remember my children's, sisters' and brothers' phone numbers. I could not remember my best friend's number. I only remembered my husband's number. I called my mobile carrier and the representative told me to take my phone to a service center. I became irritated and demanded some sort of resolution during my call. The data is lost but my phone is working. I think I will start writing on my little black Moleskine notebook again.

I also heard the life story of the phone representative. Seriously.

Today was my annual evaluation as a lead clinical analyst. I am very happy.

***I just made up that name. My friends and I never knew his real name. He was called by his kyphotic deformity - "Buktot" meaning hunchback, a nickname his family and friends and himself acknowledged, which is why I never spoke to him because I was embarrased to call him "Buktot." My parents never allowed us to call other people by their deformity even though their families do so. I was a little girl and too timid to ask a much older boy for his name.

Update: 10/5/2012 - I know what caused the "factory reset". An application I had for about a year and a half now "unmounted" and deleted my SD card after an automatic update. Ugh! I cannot find any article on this app causing problems but I read about other apps causing the same. I also opened the battery case and just made sure the SD card was not loose. If this app game unmounts and deletes my SD card again, I may have to uninstall it and play it on the laptop instead. I may have to go to a service center to be sure.


Rick Forrestal said...

Good lesson with your phone ... don't depend on technology!
Interesting thought -- about a chance to reset our bodies, but with losing all we've done, including relationships -- that's an easy one . . . no thanks.
Speaking of life accomplishments,
congratulations on your annual evaluation as lead clinical analyst.
Feels good, doesn't it?
I like hearing you're very happy.

Ces Adorio said...

Yes, yes! Oh my goodness. I always kept meticulous little black books which I also dotted with sketches between pages of information. Hahaha! I thought there may not be a lot of takers on the body factory-reset. Thank you very much, Rick. You are most kind!

Sarah Melling said...

Wow... A factory reset? That caveat of losing everything you've gained from that point would stop me, that's for sure! I haven't been blog-visiting very diligently lately, but it makes for a lovely "catch-up" visit: seeing all of your amazing recent work, along with your truly beautiful poetry, I feel as if we just shared a chat together! Thanks for stopping by, amzing Ces!

Andrew Finnie said...

LCA? Well now,( as said with an Irish accent)I just googled Pekojit Pitobotron and I got three references - all back here - so I must think that you are pulling my leg - the wooden one :) How are you Ces? TYhat's wonderful that you are happy with your LAC thingy :) Did I tell you yet how much I like this drawing? But it's no suprise, I think I like everything of yours I have ever seen. And I have remarkably good taste :) (and style) hugs from 'ere :)

Andrew Finnie said...

Oh I am sorry about your mobile phone. I don't have one because I have no use for it! Odd isn't it?

Tammie Lee said...

First, such an amazing drawing....!! I bet the man would enjoy seeing this. Whoa!

yep, if the electricity went out
eventually all our batteries would run dead
no recharging
what would people do with themselves!

i love it when the power goes out, magic!

congrats on having your evaluation behind you.

martinealison said...

Ma chère Ces, merci de nous faire partager ce nouveau dessin. je suis toujours très émerveillée. Je passe tout en revue ! les moindre détails! J'Adore comme toujours. Je reste la bouche béa tout comme une enfant devant la vitrine d'une pâtisserie !
Gros bisous à toi.

Shirley said...

Yes, my friend, Le Restaurant Croque Monsieur was the one she liked. People regard her in the industry as "a legend". I was very impressed with her ability to describe exactly what was working and what wasn't. I realize she is one person with one opinion and I am taking everything in..the good and the bad and assessing my strengths and weaknesses too. You ask about the Caldecott! I believe only librarians are allowed to vote..and I believe people nominate people to be on the panel (not 100% sure)..but it is through the ALA (http://www.ala.org/alsc/awardsgrants/bookmedia/caldecottmedal/caldecottmedal) - it appears you apply to nominate your book, committee members (not sure how they are chosen) and here is the link for "terms and criteria" (interesting!) - http://www.ala.org/alsc/awardsgrants/bookmedia/caldecottmedal/caldecottterms/caldecottterms

OK, that's far too much info, sorry for bombing your comments here Ces! I've gotta go....oh and SO happy that your review went well yesterday (of COURSE it did!). You rock!!

Bella Sinclair said...

Hello, my beautiful Queen of Rules! You exceed expectation at every level. And you are very, very lovable. :) Look at this gentleman. We should take a lesson from him. Life throws him some imperfections, and even the road he travels is too bumpy for someone who needs a walking stick. But still he goes on. Wonderful portrait of perseverance. TSUP!