Loa loa - The African Eye Worm

Today is Independence Day. 
Is it?

"Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem." Ronald Reagan

We are witnessing the destruction of our freedom and liberty by a lawless president, who, with the collaboration of a spineless media, has duped segments of our society into believing that government can solve our problems. Some of us are willing to forgo our liberties for the sake of false security and  entitlements. This administration penalizes success and demonizes those who work hard and achieve for themselves and their family; who dare dream and pursue their goals. This administration has accumulated a massive debt that has surpassed the debt of all US administrations combined. If we cannot be equal through achievements, then through our national debt, we are now all equal like slaves whose currency is debt. Our freedoms are slowly being eroded. I don't know if Obamacare is the worst legislation in American history but it surely is the worst legislation in my lifetime. It will fail because not only is it bad for the country, it is unsustainable. It cannot be allowed to remain. Do not be misled into believing that it is alright to give up a little bit of our liberties and freedoms for the sake of security. There is no such thing as a little bit of liberty or freedom. Either we are free or we are not free. Today's barbecue should be a thoughtful and solemn one.

Gold is the currency of kings, silver of princes, barter is of peasants, debt is the currency of slaves...

Loa loa. Pigment ink on 6"x6" Bristol Board.

Loa loa is a blood dwelling nematode that causes loa loa filariarsis. It is largely isolated to Africa but has also been found in India. Loa loa is a sexual nematode so a male and female specimen have to be present in the body for an infection to ensue. The loa loa female deposits sheathed eggs called microfilariae which circulates through the bloodstream. Loa loa wanders through the subcutaneous tissues and becomes obvious as it crosses the conjunctiva of the eyes, thus it is called the African Eye Worm. The disease is spread by biting mango flies, a member of the genus Chysops. The American deer fly is also considered a competent vector.

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