I Shall Carry You...

My dearest beloved
Plant a tree
When I am gone
And I shall remain.
We shall greet the day
And dance with each season.
Under my canopy you shall find shelter,
In my bough, a cradle.
In my trunk you shall embrace my heart.
When you are weary my branches shall carry you.
And in my roots you shall find your anchor
And home.


I asked my daughter what she thought of my drawing and she replied "Leafy." Took forever to draw the leaves and I took my time. My little people above were inspired by Bella Sinclair's little people. Pigment ink on 8"x11" on 11"x14" Bristol board

Other cradling trees:


k.h.whitaker said...

I love this one Ces. It is very leafy but there are so many things to see. I really love the little girl standing on the branch. So sweet :D


C.P.Adorio said...

Hello Karen. Thank you. I added her last night when the drawing was almost done. My daughter told me to draw socks and shoes for her. Hehehe!

Jessixa Bagley said...

I love the detail! Such an intricate piece.

Tam Hess said...

I love trees! I love love your trees!! Beautiful Ces :)

Bella Sinclair said...





Rick Forrestal said...

Wonderful illustration.
I want someone to plant a tree for me, when I am gone.
Have a great weekend.

Tammie Lee said...

Ces! I love this! Leafy and all. the children remind me a bit of Bella's art.
this piece and your words touch my heart!

C.P.Adorio said...

Thank you Jessixa.

C.P.Adorio said...

Thank you Tam!

C.P.Adorio said...

Heheheh! Tsup!

C.P.Adorio said...

Thank you Rick. Don't wait, plant a tree now. :)

Lisa Graham Art said...

So sweet. And "leafy" is a great description. Your daughter is smart. :)

C.P.Adorio said...

Thank you Tammie. Yes, of course it does because I had to look at this http://bellasinclair.blogspot.com/2009/12/if-entangled.html to start drawing them. I love bella's children.

C.P.Adorio said...

Thank you Lisa.

Arija said...

Tsup, tsup,tsup . . . love all the little people, leaves, trunk. roots . . . love it all and that you took your time.

Steve E said...

Still reading your CRAP and loving it! Are those wabbits or ducks playing around their Momma? You were not drawing slowly at that moment. But those leaves, as clear and beautiful as a well-worked phrase from a sentence in a Beethoven S L O W movement.

I always wonder at that header picyure, "What the **** was Ces thinking during those drawing moments?
(**** = HECK!)

Remember that joke, where De Mello's protag was out planting a tree, and Disciples told him why plant? Tree would need a thousand years to mature. Guru said "In that case, we REALLY gotta hurry up"!

dog training adelaide said...

Wow. This is amazing. I would have not seen the children if i didn't look closely. Splendid sketch you have here. Keep it up. Your good.

Amalia K said...

My. Is there a magical place like this somewhere? I mean besides your mind... I think I could spend hours just dreaming away under that tree. :)

I hope you're well, my friend. oxx

Deborah said...

Oh I LOVE! Your poem has found a place to live deep within my heart, where your art has wrapped its great roots about, intertwined with mine. Awe, my Cesalicious, it is no wonder that I love you so.

I am busy, tired, yet content. Missing my sisterfriends greatly in my limited computer time. Especially The Original. **kisskiss** Deb

illustration poetry said...

Grandewithc i'm here!!
i disappear sometimes, sorry for that.
blogging is getting less fun, don't know why, i even deleted my other blog, i just keep myself busy working etc.
i am fine here and i hope you are too.
i read your comment, hahaha it has been so long... we were so silly! xDDD
i miss you too, very much, i miss being here also, looking at your drawings, doing nothing but aging.

your poem is just so sweet, reminds me of a song
"Out in the garden where we planted the seeds
there is a tree that is old as me
branches were sewn by the color of green
ground had arose and passed its knees"

goodnight now i should sleep, i'll see you later ok!
take care of yourself, tsup!

Cindy D. said...

Beautiful! I just love the fields of flowers and the teeny tiny baby rabbits. Oh my gosh! I really like the larger spaces of white you left in this one. So great!

Tammie Lee said...

how lovely that we know one another this well...

illustration poetry said...

thank you for your sweet words, they brought a little tear to my eye, you are always kind to me Grandewitch.
ive been thinking of deleting my blog too, i'm getting bored with it, but theres too many memories, so i just disappear sometimes.

you are always fun (and awesome and a cool mother), you know that!!!
i'm happy you still keep the sky blog, you are right, when you feel like hiding and switching off from everything, just go outside and take pictures.
well, im going to a museum now, taking pictures, i wish you a nice weekend Grandewitch.

ps: the glasses are mine, i wear glasses but i dont really like wearing them because i look weird.

illustration poetry said...

bye, love you too!

Rod MacGregor said...

Wow, great Illo (goes without saying) and I love the words Ces!!!!!!!! Carry me tree!

Rod MacGregor said...

Oh, I forgot to say...I love the header drawing!

Curious Art said...

That tree can clearly shelter multitudes... just think of all the trees you've planted here on your blog & the comfort & strength they've given already. Quite a legacy!

Shirley said...

OH gosh, goodness, Ces..this is a GLORIOUS TREE!!! It's truly a warm and giving tree..and I'm so glad you took the time on those beautiful leaves. It's a beauty I say! And wow, thank you for your sweet visit today - I love that you counted your piggies! That's a whole lotta piggies..and I can only imagine how many more you will receive from friends and people who want to be your friend, Ces. My dear mom had a huge collection of teeny piggies too..and last week, I dusted them all off with my littlest one and we remembered all of her little treasures together. My closest friend in high school had a collection of piggies too..and I just love drawing them. So we are connected by the porcine variety! : ) HA! I hope you are going to have a good week..and wow, that does stink a bit that you woke up thinking it was Saturday! OK, wishing you good monday mojo and a good week ahead my friend. Tsup!!!! xoxo

Laura G. Young said...

"Leafy" indeed! Glad to have found your blog. :)

Krista said...

Woweeeee!!! This is gloriously leafy!! Love your poem too! So beautiful.


this is so captivating, the little details are amazing. beautifuly done.

Ted Blackman said...

This really is a nice piece, Ces. And the detail.. such a patient artist you are.

You obviously love drawing, how could you ever consider stopping? It runs way too deep in you. Stop kidding yourself.

Steve E said...

If I have commented earlier...so what--grin! GUILTY! (song) "Please release me, let me goooo..."

Ces, I was told--always--that "...only God can make a tree." Well...they were wrong, and so I have been wrong.

They called "CesTrees"

Now....if you could Just make all the Peeps in the world love one another...
well, God might be out of a job.
Bless you Ces, and your art(s)!

Nat said...

Enjoyed reading your exchange on Facebook. You really are the honey badger of microns. :)