Yum Nam Poole, The Ninja Son of Mr. and Mrs. Tad Poole. 
8"x10" on 11"x14" Bristol Board

It took me a few minutes to draw Yum Nam Poole but it seems it took forever to finish the background. I was being meticulous with every stone, every tile, every leaf. I patiently inked the sky with India ink then overlaid it with micro pigment ink. I was thinking of what was going on in the minds of the two spectator eggs. Do they even have minds? It's done. In the end, I just don't find anything significant with drawing. It's just one of those things I have done for a long long time. It is routine. It's like having a friend with whom you spend a lot of time hanging out. Nothing bad happens neither does anything exciting. You just keep on going because you ask yourself what is there to do if you did not do it...That is something I need to answer. 

In the grand scheme of thing, it is insignificant. In the meantime, this drawing inspired my current drawing. Yet another proof that I did not put much effort into my introspection. It's one of those so-so days. Hope yours is more exciting. Have a wonderful weekend!


Arija said...

So many possibilities. You certainly were meticulous with every crack and crevice, insect and bug. Your drawings always make me smile.

rachel awes said...

i am charrrrmed!
LOVE to you!!! xox

dosankodebbie said...

When I was a child, I wanted to grow up to be a ninja. I still want to grow up to be a ninja.

Rick Forrestal said...

Life is in the details. And sometimes it's just about "showing up."
. . . which you do admirably.
Have a nice weekend.

k.h.whitaker said...

Ha, love it. When my son was little he had dozens of imaginary ninja brothers. If he did anything wrong he would say "it wasn't me, it was one of my ninja brothers"

Tam Hess said...

For me he's wonderfully charming! One of my favorites...but I'm a sucker for a stealthy ninja. :) Hugs!!

Bella Sinclair said...

STUPENDOUS!!!! I got chills. I'm looking at every single individual leaf! And oooh, even the window frames are beautifully cracked and weathered. The stones are cracked but the egg is not. Absolutely astounding work, you ink ninja, you! At first I thought the spectator eggs were potatoes. I think I'm in the mood for potato salad.


Rod MacGregor said...

Everything is significant in the grand scheme of things isn't it?.... Ninja Yum Nam looks very un stealth like for a Ninja!!!! Funny...Oh good background...makes me feel lazy!

Deborah said...

I must say, I was first drawn to the top of this one...the illuminated trees, the blackened night. The leaves appear to be glowing. The question at hand is, does Bella like a lot of EGG in her potato salad? I do believe Yum Nam Poole was in one of my ballet classes...just look at those calves!!! Ink Ninja indeed. It is always an exciting ride over here!!! **blows kisses** Deb

Steve E said...

Ya know, Ces...I hear too often your own description of your art as insignificant. I'm happy you are NOT an art critic. I absolutely LOVE your art--all of it, yup, EVERY last piece. However, I do not trust my judgement. I like--or not, and that's that. ("Dot's DOT" was how my German grandmother said "that's that". I even like stuff you've never completed...let's see, is that true? Hmmmmm?

So, I rely on all these really fine artist-bloggers who I watch over a period of more than 3 years, sending you accolades time and again. And the highest PRAISE. So I feel quite comfortable being 'in the know' even when it's another's 'know'.
Gotta go back to May 19th.