Egglina, An Egg Exercising, Which Was Illustrated At A Time When I Felt Much Better About A Lot Of Things And Before My Spirit Has Rendered My Company Quite Unbearably Miserable And Now I Am Posting This And Don't Have Anything Interesting To Say Except It Is Obvious That I Have Become A Very Boring And Unattractive Blogger Because I Can't Even Remember The Last Prompt For Illustration Friday And Whether I Posted Anything For It But Now Remember It As I Type What May Be The Longest Ever Title For A Silly Illustration Of An Egg Exercising At The Prompt Of Her Friend The Elephant At Any Rate Here It Is The Number Eight In A Series Of A Baker's Dozen Illustration Of The Lesser Known Dumptys The Idea Of Which Which Was Conceived By Another Illustration Friday's Prompt Which I Have Since Forgotten And Don't Really Care Because After The Umpteenth Pen And Ink Illustration Of One's Lifetime Who Really Gives A Damn, Right, So What Else Is New I May Ask And Answer Nothing Because Quite Frankly Again I Realize I Am Just A Plain Boring Blogger, Not Even Nice To My Loyal Friends Who I Don't Visit Regularly And Then Unreliably Returning Comments Of New Friends And Visitors Who Take Their Precious Time To Read And Comment On Many Of My Long Posts And Now For The First Time Ever Perhaps The Longest Title In Blogger For Something As Simple As An Egg Exercising At The Prompt Of Her Friend The Elephant Who May Squash Or Is It Squish Her Flat At Anytime Which Is Just A Distraction But In Fact Is I Cannot Even Live Up To That Title Because I Am Still Stuck At Thinking About How Miserable Everything Can Be But Also Thinking That Even Though I Have Attempted to Make This The Longest Title For A Very Silly Illustration Of An Egg Exercising At The Prompt Of Her Friend The Elephant Who May Squash Or Is It Squish Her Flat At Anytime Which Is Just A Distraction From The Ugly And Painful Business Of Living...Where Am I, I Can't Even Remember What I Wanted To Say, Oh Yes, Do Exercise For Exercise Is Good For You Although You May Think That It Is Better Said Than Done But Do Go Visit Your Doctor Before You Exercise Because I Cannot Bear To Hear About Another Friend My Age Or Younger Dying Unexpectedly From A Heart Attack While Exercising But Please Do Forgive Me For Taking You This Far And Thank You For Your Visit And Reading My Seemingly Senseless Dissertation On Exercise But Who Cares Really For Living From All The News I Read And Hear And Things I See Is Not Really All That Great, Remember When Hope Was A Word With Meaning And Promise, What Do You Think About It Now, Are You Better Than You Were Four Years Ago, Darn It I Am Still Alive After Typing This Long Title For An Illustration Of An Egg Exercising At The Prompt Of Her Friend The Elephant Who May Squash Or Is It Squish Her Flat At Anytime Which Is Just A Distraction From The Ugly And Painful Business Of Living Which Prompted Me To Conceive This Very Long Title While Mourning The Sudden Loss Of Many Friends Without Being A Misanthrope.

8"x10" Archival ink on 11"X14" Bristol Board

Number Seven


Steve E said...

Squish and squash don't mean quash. But if any of them happen to me, it will not matter. As you, sometimes (most of the time) I'd easily transfer into the next level of life. Even though it would be like running away. CHICKEN!

Oh yess! Chicken--egg. Exercising Egglinda. Wonder if elephants peel eggs before 'huffing' them. My father--the abortionist, grin!--used to make holes in egg shells, and then suck out the contents. I told him he was killing innocent pre-birth baby chicks. He stopped doing that. SO THEN WE JUST FRIED THEM!!! (sigh!)

See--I just wanted to prove once more that I am better than YOU at writing 'stupid' mentally unlinked, roaming words--grin!!!

I still love your art, writing, and (HOPEFULLY?) sense of humor.
--Naples FL Peep.

Curious Art said...

Oh Ces, you sound so sad... even with all those capitals tossed in as a distraction, like typographic salt to mask the flavor of sorrow... I wish I could hug you from here. Please don't let the Grief-Elephant squash you flat!! Keep drawing & dancing & blogging as long as you can bear it-- you are a lovely radiant being even when you are suffering, & trust me, you are never ever boring. Don't worry about whether or not you always have the energy to be your usual super-human self. We all understand how it can be.

I'll even promise to try drawing with my toes, just for you. ;-) I never would have thought of that, although I too am a toe-picker-upper-wither. (Yet another trait we have in common.)

Bella Sinclair said...

Jeepers, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Did you know that if you laugh and cry simultaneously, you look rather hysterical and insane, which is why it is a good thing I am alone. Or maybe that is why I am alone. Why is Egglina wearing a sweatband? I don't believe she can ever sweat. And one should never drink wine while exercising. Or perhaps that is Elephant's glass, which is another reason to worry if you are underfoot and an egg. Now I am imagining what a svelte and shapely egg would look like. Certainly, it would make the chicken cluck twice while laying it. In case Egglina does get squashed, I read that one can pour salt all over her innards which breaks down the proteins and makes her easier to sweep up or scoop up after a few minutes' time. I tried it once but cried at the amount of salt that I used. It works, if you are curious. Are you an alien?

I am heartened that with all the heartache, you are still keeping your sense of humor. I hope that today is sunny side up. Tsup!

Shirley said...

I am right there with you, Ces..right there with being a boring blogger (you are not) and terrible at timely replies and comments (you are not). BOY!! The title is one looooong one that I had trouble reading at first but managed through. : ) Awww...I Saw Issau!! As I have not seen this book in ages, I must say, my memory is very slim here..so I aim to rectify that and check it out from our library! Googling, I see that it is chock full o' fun things..

I one my mother
I two my mother
I three my mother
I four my mother
I five my mother
I six my mother
I seven my mother
I ate my mother

Gah! The illustration is amazing! And scary for those who are breast feeding!

I must say that Mr. Sendak sure did impact the world and generations through his illustrations and books. Thank you for stopping by Ces..you rock. Tsup!! I hope you have been well!

Shirley said...

Gah! And I forgot to say, I just dearly love your egg series, and Egglina cracks me up! Love the elephant feet.

Shirley said...

Ha ha!! Love those rhymes Ces. Thanks for taking a break with me! : ) Good luck with that horrible rule!!

Ces Adorio said...

What did you just call my post?! 'Stupid'??!! Gaaaahhh!

Ces Adorio said...

Leah, I may have to keep writing long titles if I get to read "like typographic salt to mask the flavor of sorrow..." I was at my desk when I read your comment and I was overcome with tenderness and warmth. Thank you very much. It's going to be alright. I keep forgetting to pray. I must remember to pray. Thank you again. I look forward to your pedal-pushed illustration! :) Tsup!

Ces Adorio said...

You are beautiful any way. What a lovely sight you just described of yourself. Talk about being serious and then hysterical. Gaaaahhhh! Hahahah. Cluck! Thank you! Tsup!!!

Ces Adorio said...


Ces Adorio said...

I dare you to out-stupid that title!!!

Rod MacGregor said...

Cool title Ces!