My Favorite Quartet And My Favorite Teacher

My Favorite Quartet
Archival pigment ink on 11"x14" Bristol Board

Has this ever happened to you? You are filled with so many conflicting emotions, you panic because you can't decide which one you want to express first? This is how I feel today. My children are laughing at me because I just discovered Amy Winehouse and I am so awed by her voice. I ran to the mall today to buy her CD albums and I have been singing aloud, the first time after several years. Then I catch myself being so happy and then I stop. I know about Amy's tragic life and that makes me sad. How could one who had so much soul slip like that? I feel so tender towards her memory. Then on my way home, I sent a text message to my eldest sister to ask her when she will be the guest speaker of the 100th Commencement Exercises of Negros Occidental High School. Today!!! The school opened on July 1, 1902 but wars disrupted a few years of instructions.   She was selected by the Alumni Association to do the honors and they also recognized her as an Outstanding Alumnus. Okay, so you say, it is only high school but this is a very special school. It is the oldest educational institution of the province of Negros Occidental when the island was a republic! (Oh yes, the island where I was born was its own republic during the Spanish occupation!) My sister joins the ranks of NOHS's outstanding guest speaker roll, together with former presidents, senators, Supreme Court justices, diplomats and other outstanding citizen-alumni given the honor. Anyway, I am so proud of my sister!!! So special - 100th Commencement Exercises. Our parents would have been so proud. I am so happy but I am also so sad. I am sad because I know if our sister Leah (also an NOHS almunus) was still alive, I am sure she would accompany my sister Mercedes.  

So I posted this photo on my Facebook page and so many of my friends had my sister as their teacher when she taught elementary school for a few years. It is wonderful to know that I am not biased in my assessment and to read their comments telling me she is their favorite teacher and they send their thanks and hugs makes me swell with pride. 

"The guest speaker for NOHS's 100th Commencement Exercises is none other than our Ms. Adorio, shown here with her 5th grade class in ETCS. I think this was in 1970.  Dr. Adorio (in black striped dress) was selected by the NOHS Alumni Association as the distinguished guest speaker for the 100th Commencement Exercises and also recognized as an outstanding alumnus. She is also an alumnus of ETCS. I once wrote this about her: "I think there is something wonderful about being a good teacher. You positively affect people's lives and inspire them. I think I may be biased now, but I have to say that she is one of the best  teachers I had. It was difficult for me because I had to prove twice as much that I deserved the grade I got and if I misbehaved, not only did I have to answer to her as my teacher but also as my sister and then our mother definitely had to hear about it! Ms. Adorio left LCC and ETCS for the University of the Philippines where she pursued her masters and PhD degrees and was invited to join the faculty. She taught at the UP College of Education for many years. She was a Fulbright Scholar to the U.S.A. and then a Fulbright Exchange Professor. She spoke at international conferences on Special Education. She currently teaches at several universities in Metro Manila, runs a special school and is the author of several books on Special Education on which she is considered an authority.""

I would like to add that she is a terrific sister. She holds our family together. She is a beacon for my brothers and sisters and we owe our success to her because as our eldest, she encouraged and supported us to do our best, nurture our ambitions, and follow our dreams. She always defended me when my Mother scolded me for drawing too much. She gave me my first set of professional colored pencils, charcoal and pastels when I was ten years old. She took care of my sister Leah when she became ill of cancer.

Thank you Inday Ched. I love you.

I am so happy and I am so sad. I miss my brothers and sisters...


Steve E said...

Saw this on FB. Ces, more and more I find what a spectacular family is yours. And Oh! the memories. Except you not only can spell yours out in words, but do express those remembrances in your art--I'm not in a 'praising' mode right now, but I feel overwhelmed with admiration for the gifts God has bestowed on you and your family.

Bits of history you leak out to us periodically...and what you and your siblings did with those God-gifts, using them to spread happiness and goodness in the world.

No--not from pride do you blog, but (as I see it) from a sacred necessity to be faithful to your parents, brethren, husband, children and yourself, with your passion--art--and your life, in true story form.

(This is sounding a little like 'praise', yes?) So I'll stop now. You know how much I appreciate what you do here--and elsewhere!

Bella Sinclair said...

I need an oxygen tank. Your art leaves me breathless and speechless! OY!

And kudos to your amazing sister! That is an incredible and high honor. It doesn't surprise me that she is so well loved and respected by many. And so very beautiful!

Feeling heady from your drawing. I cannot form the proper words. Will be back.


martinealison said...

Ta publication est intimement très belle... Tu as de très belles valeurs... Mon amie Divina chez qui je me trouvais aux Philippines a très grand sens aussi de la famille. Ses frères et soeurs sont un noyau important de sa vie... J'ai passé un séjour agréable parmi les siens... je me suis sentie comme si c'était ma famille...
Je suis heureuse de savoir que tu es joyeuse et que tu chantes (mieux que moi car je chante faux!!!)...

Le dessin que tu as fait est rempli d'émotion et de tendresse.
je te fais de gros bisous

k.h.whitaker said...

Your sister sounds incredible Ces. You must have the most incredible family and your love for them is apparent. I love the illustration, but I love all of your work :)


Curious Art said...

What a family... so much strength & wisdom & generosity & beauty radiating out from each one of you!

Ces Adorio said...

She was only in her 20's in that photo. Our mother sewed that dress for her. It had dark green stripes on grey green. . She always walked with such elegance. My FB friends talk about her gait, her high heels, wearing it with power), her diction, and how she affected all of us. Thank you. Tsup!

Jack Foster said...

I love how you love your family Ces! And I love your work! So amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing, so inspirational - as usual! :-)

Shirley said...

What a beautiful post, Ces. Oh, this piece is so full of light and happiness..and I can't help but smile at the love you have for your dear family. It's wonderful to think of you skipping to get Amy Winehouse's CDs! Much congratulations to your sister..that is quite an amazing honor. I know your sister above is smiling upon all of you. Have a lovely weekend, dear Ces! Tsup!!