Leaves of Three And Snakes In The Grass

Birds Up the Tree, Leaves of Three and Snakes in the Grass. 8"x11" Archival pigment ink illustration on 11"x14" Bristol Board. This weekend I have been inspired by the lessons of poison ivy and snakes in the grass. Generally, I am a very friendly and accommodating person. I believe I am generous with my time and my affection. I cannot stand it when a person lies. People lie but I expect more from people I consider friends and vice versa. I operate on the premise of trust. That has only been enforced by my profession as a Registered Nurse and a former emergency nurse. At my age, other's should not be telling me "to not trust" or "to not be so trusting."  There should not be a reason for that unless I am dealing with the enemy. It is worse if it is someone I consider a friend and I discover that it did not only happen once but several times. It is not even worth discussing. It is best to just let go. It is sad. I have to be able to trust a friend. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Let It Be
Ailiclec Oiroda

Birds up the tree
Sing for thee.

Leaves of three
Leave them be.

Snakes in the grass
Let them pass.


Rick Forrestal said...

Oh my goodness . . . I see them.
But your close-ups helped. Otherwise, I wouldn't have noticed your slithery friends (ha) and good ol' P.I.

And I agree with you on the "other kind" of snake . . . the ones you trust as good friends who lie.

I'll take the real snakes, please. At least you know what you're dealing with. Just mind your step.


Ces said...

Ah yes! The real snakes don't hang around either! Hehehe!

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh MY! The whole page is virtually covered in your lovely ink! All those itty bitty leaves and textured bark and fine blades of grass!!! It's overwhelming and beautiful. But as your art portrays, beauty can be deceiving. There are hidden dangers everywhere, and it's especially heartbreaking when you lose trust and respect for someone you care about. If only there were an easy way to spot liars with a rhyme.

Eyes that shift
Make your exit swift

You know where it's safest? Up in your trees. No one here but us birdies!

Ces said...

Ah you are my sweet gentle songbird. It's okay. A heart can only love so many :)

I like your rhyme. I need to draw that.


Steve E said...

I remember a story about those 12 saying--one after the other--"Is it I, Lord?" And when it came to the guy at the end, who might have said "You cannot mean ME!" He answered, "You said it, Bud!"

Well, I ain't even gonna ask--grin! That way, nobody can say, "Yep! It's YOU!"

Hey I really like "Let it be..." except for it being too lengthy--grin! And your art? Not only this, and not only that...but WHERE do you receive ideas. Is it AWARENESS? Like I did not spot those snakes. (But I could hear the birds.) And the three leaves? Not until examining the close-up-pics.

But those TREES, Ces! They are exciting! Well, how can a tree stimulate? I can 'look at' a tree...or I can SEE the tree, especially with your up-close frames. Ces, you 'see' it, so that I can SEE it. No lie...only the truth.

audrey said...

Hi Ces. How are you doing? Well, I hope. You have been in my thoughts while my life has been a whirlwind of constant motion. I am in need of some quiet time... some alone time. Yipes! Your trees are SO wonderful. Perhaps that is what I could do... climb high in one your trees, sit on a limb, and listen to the leaves rustle. Ah.... peace.
Beware. There are many human snakes. They know how to smile pretty and slither into your life. Unfortunate, but true. And when they befriend you and then strike with their wicked lies, it hurts more than an actual snake bite.
TSUP. audrey ♥

Curious Art said...

Ssssssssnakes, hiss! That is, I respect the scaly slithery kind but definitely not their human counterparts.

As for poison ivy... I'm very allergic & could happily do without any variety!! When we explored the forests in Washington State I was ecstatic to find that it didn't grow there & I could leave the trails without fear... (Oddly though our cat Ivy is named after it, since we found her in a patch of it when she was a kitten. She is a very skittish little creature & who can blame her with a beginning like that?)

I hope the poisonous presences in your life slither & wither away!

Your drawings always convey the infinite intricacy of the forest, with all its many secrets. I loved your swamp post too... It captured the wetlands' mystery. I hope on your next voyage to NC we will finally meet!

Ces Adorio said...

WHATCHATALKIN ABOUT WILLIS? Hahaha. It is nobody! I mean no one that you may know.

Well, actually the original poem had four more stanzas but my daughter crtiqied it an she told me not to make it corny. I followed her advice.

Steve, thank you. I appreciate your visits and comments. I always like to read what you have to say.


Ces Adorio said...

Hello Audrey. Isn't that the truth!? You said it so!!! Sigh. Anyway, they have to live with themselves. I hope you get some relaxing downtime and a peaceful break. I am happy to see you.

Ces Adorio said...

I know you can paint a snake! Both types. Hehehehe! What would you call that beastie? Will you please paint a snake in the grass beastie? Hahaha.

As Leah, I would love that very much to happen. I shall wish it. :)

Shirley said...

Ahhhhh, snakes. Isn't that what Indiana Jones said? His arch nemesis. I can get lost up in those trees, Ces! Have you seen the latest rage, the Hunger Games? Trees..and safety. You are right..it is sad when you find that the trust that you thought was mutual, was broken, that there were multiple offenses. Do you always let them go, or do you stay and fight? I suppose with truly poisonous snakes, you should never ever fight..let them slither away, right? I will perch above in the treetops enjoying the view..my how you've created an intricate world up here! Have a wonderful week, my friend! Tsup!

k.h.whitaker said...

I am not a fan of snakes. Either kind, the slimy ones or the ones that aren't truthful. So sorry that you feel deceived Ces. I understand, I know someone who lies to my face, pretty much daily... It is disheartening and frustrating because there is no reason for it. On a lighter note, I love this drawing. So many beautiful pen marks. :) I hope that you are feeling more yourself, day by day. TSUP!