Go Eat French Fries

Good morning!!! Today is Saturday. I have many plans for today. As it turned out, I have not done anything I intended to do. Oh, speaking of "intended." Illustration Friday's prompt is "Intention." I started a new drawing last night. I am almost done with it. It measures 11"x14" and it is not an acorn! 

You see my new layout? And oh, my gosh --- COLORS!!! The new layout is courtesy of my daughter who spent Saturday morning with me. I was in the kitchen drawing, drinking coffee and playing Words with my best friend. My daughter started telling me about this week's school activities. We moved to my bedroom and laid in bed looking at a fashion blog. We were laughing. Then she turned to me and said "Mom, your blog is depressing!" I told her why it was that way and she replied "I know Mom, but you should be celebrating Tita Leah's life, not mourning her death."

My daughter was very happy this morning as she relayed her experiences during the district science fair. "I met new friends!" When I heard that, something awakened me from within. It was a different sort of melancholy. I certainly miss my sister. I don't know how long I will remain sad, maybe forever. Maybe it will be a part of my life from now on but I cannot deny that I am surrounded by life and joy. I started thinking what she would have wanted me to do, just like my Mother who told us before she died that she wanted each and everyone of us to be sad only for a good while but then live and love fully and take care of each other. That is what my sisters and brothers and I did and do. 

Yet somehow, I cannot seem to shake the sadness that dwells in my heart, of losing my sister. She was the brightest, most gifted and the most brilliant among us. She was a fierce yet gentle soul. I see her in my mind, smiling at me. My daughter used to imitate her laugh, the kind of laugh without opening her mouth. My daughter sounded just like her until one day she said, "Oh Mom I cannot do it like Tita Leah anymore." I urged her to keep trying until she got it back. I was relieved and we both laughed. How wonderful is that? My brainy and brilliant sister recalled by my brainy and brilliant daughter through her laugh. My daughter is right. I shall do my utmost in whatever endeavor I set myself to do. Along with my drawing last night, a story came to mind, about journeys and baggage. In my story, the best journey is attained by the absence of baggage. Each of us was assigned a set of luggage when we were born. The goal is to use that luggage, multiply it, share it but use it up for good. It will afford our soul tokens in the form of fireflies that will light the way. Thousands of fireflies to last the journey, however, that journey is set with peril for a little boat can only hold much. So use up the luggage, share it, give it. You won't need it in another life. That's my story and I am sticking to it.  

Life goes on and indeed it requires our attention. My nephew had an emergency appendectomy the other day and my sister-in-law was hospitalized yesterday. There is always something new to mind and attend. I wish them both a speedy recovery. 

Thank you for the tender comments these past days. I may not have responded publicly to each and everyone of them but they are valued. To my best friend, there is a reason why you are my best friend. Thank you so very much for being most patient, most understanding and the kindest.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone, or at least try.

Oh, I almost forgot. The scene above is the sky and mountain range overlooking my sister's farm. The photo on the left reminds me of priorities and fate. Here in the US we fuss over safety with our seat belts and other regulations. This was the road on the way to my sister's farm. I was not able to visit but my sister Freah, did. She snapped this photo of a jeepney ahead of them, overflowing with passengers. I wonder what the regulators in Congress would make of it.


Bella Sinclair said...

11x14 and you are almost done? Whoa!

To wake up and see that view every single day, that's what I imagine Paradise to be like.

Chili cheese fries await me.


Ces said...

Please do not expect much or you will be disappointed. It's a miracle I am even drawing something that is not an acorn! Aaaahhh. I have not even been there but I have been on some parts of the mountain range when I was a teenager. It is a beautiful thing to be up in the mountains. Yum. Chili cheese fries!!! Tsup with chili. Hahahah!

illustration poetry said...

talking abut layout!
Grandewitch you should try an online portfolio for your work, i made one on carbonmade.com (as some journey of my life).
no followers, no following, no commenting, no nothing, just you and your work!
so neat and clean.

illustration poetry said...

i meant "about"....


Anonymous said...

The colours are fabulous, as so are your paintings. Your blog shines with your lovely paintings above! So then about the words ... So sad to hear that you no longer have your sister with you, a very nice text you wrote about this. Take care and keep all the bright memories nearest to your heart and do the things you´re so good at, brcause you shall, and because your sister would probably have wanted that. Take care!

Ces said...

Hello sweetheart. Thank you for the information. I checked it out and it looks really great. Wow, so many profiles. So many artists and then there you are, with your past, present and future. Wow! I love all of it.

Ces said...

Thank you Helena for your kind and tender words. Thank you for reading and stopping by my blog. Hello!