Longevity and Impermanence of Society

The Crane, The Turtle, The Firefly and the Bee. Archival pen and ink on 9"x12" Bristol board. Double-click to enlarge.

This is my arabesque rendition of the crane, a symbol of longevity in China, Korea and Japan. The crane is the equivalent of 0ne thousand years, however, the turtle is the equivalent of ten thousand years. So, if a crane stands on top of the turtle that is even better, except for the turtle, perhaps. She looks better without the burden. The bee is a symbol of human society. Although the firefly is a symbol of light, it also stands for impermanence. I chose the stately Sarus Crane which breeds across southeastern Asia from India to the Philippines, in arabesque squiggles, of course..

I modeled my bee (above, can you see it?) from Arija's photograph. I also drew Bella Sinclair's ferns, the one found on her "Prehistoric" drawing. Many times, I incorporate someone I love, admire in my drawings. The Coccinella septempunctata is a remembrance of my Mother. There are also enneads in this drawing.

Oh, I almost forgot. You know, one of the pen brands I use for drawing is made by Sakura. I actually looked at the brand icon several times, which is a cherry blossom, while I was drawing the flowers.


dosankodebbie said...

So lovely, I had to remind myself to breathe.

Andrew Finnie said...

Ahh She Who Never Sleeps But Makes Art (SWNSBNA) we, who are about to sleep, salute you :)

Actually I am going to illustrate hansel and gretel, drink copious amounts of chardonnay amd eat a raw fish (in that order)

see you Ces

Arija said...

I bow before thee oh master of imagery, patterns and underlying traditional and historical meanings. To have contributed a spec for this drawing makes photographing worth while.

Looking at the great crane, the turtle, the nine lady bugs and nine mushrooms, the little lizard and the myriad of stars in the sky, makes me humbly bow before thee in wonder of where all this germinates from.

You never cease to astonish me.

I love you and your work so very, very much.

Malka Michaela said...

As of now, this is my ultimate favorite!

k.h.whitaker said...

Ces, dear, you are putting me to shame yet again. For every illustration I have done over the past year you have done 10 times as many. It is overwhelming. I am so jealous that you are such a superwoman! I must agree with Andrew, you are hereto called "She Who Never Sleeps But Makes Art" I salute you also. oooo, I just read Arija's comment and I like "Master of Imagery" too. Now we must amend your title. ;)

Steve E said...

The BEE! The BEE! I found the BEE!. What absolute FUN it is to 'study' your work, Ces. The lake, boats, snow-topped mountain, moon, stars in cloudless sky. AND the Crane, and Turtle, and so much more in the grasses. I could just marvel on and on!

Prior to your explanation, I viewed the turtle as a sort of 'remark', a continuation of the bird.

Well, even though I may have missed much of your 'squiggle-stuff' I might also have 'invented' a few items which you had not intended.

Just PURE FUN for me. Thank YOU!

audrey said...

Ces, dear! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this drawing. It is my all time favorite! I love every single black little speck that you have drawn on this paper. I truly do believe the good Lord has blessed you with something extremely special that makes magic pour from your head, your hands, and your heart.
Bravo, Ces!
♥ audrey

Bella Sinclair said...

This is one of your best artworks, and one of my favorites! Oh my, the patterns in the feathers and long graceful legs and turtle shell! So much beautiful symbolism, it makes my heart want to burst! All that foliage. And the sakura! And the teeny tiny boats! I don't know how you outdo yourself each time, but you do. Now, I am going to buy a turtle and stand on it.

Tammie Lee said...

beautiful Ces, every detail.

Wiccan Witch said...

To The Crane (artwork by Grandewitch): you live like nature, explode slowly, day by day from the center outwards. You wont notice how brightly you burn or how big youve grown until you look back. And then you will be amazed, as i am amazed by you.
To The Firefly (and The Bee, still artwork by Grandewitch): you think you’re the only one who feels small. You think youre the only one who isnt sure what tomorrow might bring. You think youre the only one who is scared the world might eat you. Well, guess what, you and i suffer together and hold each other tight because when we touch each other, we know, we are never alone, ever. I am with you.
To The Turtle (artwork by Grandewitch, forever): you dont hide. Look outside. The entire world is waiting for you.

Wiccan Witch said...

How are you Grandewitch?
it's been a hundred years and 5 days since we spoke.
i missed you.
you did very beautiful drawing.
and i just talked to each one of them.
i hope you dont mind.

Wiccan Witch said...

thinking of you.

Wiccan Witch said...

thank you very much Grandewitch.
you know im still taking a break from the internet (hahah) but look what i just saw (in the internet...)!!!!!

a few of book covers ive done!!!
i am someone in the internet!!!
:D silly... hahah...

didnt know about this site (but my blogger friend told me about this a few days ago!)

gudnight to you too, byebye, and takecare!!!!!

thewillowsnest said...

ohhh.. the hummingbird and flowers!!!! soooo beautiful Ces!
I couldn't find the bee :(
( double click didn't make it any bigger for me) But I LOVED everything else.. ahhh.. birds.. with such gorgeous detail!!!

PS yup the bee cakestand is still there!!

get zapped said...

Exquisite! I'm in awe of your sensitivity. Thank you for all your effort and dedication along with Bella. I'm honored to be a part of this circle of people.

Happy Earth Day!

Wiccan Witch said...

have a nice weekend Grandewitch, i love your moon, so orange.


buckram and bembo said...


Caroline said...

Sublime !

Andrew Finnie said...

hah I am not here but I love bisch err I mean bosche so much that I will go and look up his name how to spell :)

Andrew Finnie said...

can you believ my next one ;s 'torapper' - sorry I know htis is mindless banter but bosche is anything but

hieronymus bosch

actually yoyu can spell it either way :)