The Secret Society Of Oaks - No.8


All is well that ends well. I have my laptop ‘puter back! It is bigger, better and faster. Small consolation for my disappointment, right? Previously it had minimal memory now it has maximum memory so it is screaming and sliding and allows me to open twenty or more applications without any problem. I know, I know, too many apps but that’s the way it is. I love all of you! I appreciate your kindness, understanding, caring and support. You are all wonderful incredible nymphs. So let’s continue the nymph parade this evening! I will even skip Illustration Friday and concentrate on the nymphs unless I can think of something “Frozen” in association with the nymphs! Any suggestion?

The Interloper
Sir Perm Anent Lydelete

I have completed two more drawings of nymphs. I love them! I was really into my element when I drew them, alas, the interloper distracted me. Today I found out that everything was wiped out in my computer, even the safe boot and windows components. The program Mr. Clean used to clean up temporary folders totally cleaned up my pc, the entire cache. I have not been angry, disappointed maybe but not angry. I am very surprised with my reaction. I thought of Arija today, I wonder what she would think and what she would advice me.

C: Everything is gone?
J: Gone
C: How did it happen?
J: I don't know.
C: You gave me a very bad program.
J: No, I don't know why it executed that way, we have used it for three years! I even used it on the CIO's computer.
C: Perhaps the program was recently modified?
J: No
C: I am trying to be philosophical about this.
J: That's good.
J: That's not philosophical.
C: No. My other choice is to cry.
J: Please don't cry, please don't cry.
C: (Sobbing)
J: Oh my God! There goes the knife into my heart.
C: (Sobbing)
J: Please, please don't cry, please don't cry...I gave you a bigger hard drive.
C: Why do I need a bigger hard drive, I don't have any data left.
J: Yes, that's true.
C: The problem is, I like you. You are a very gentle and decent man and we have always worked together well, and you have been more than helpful to me in many occasions but it was a big mistake to give me that program. I should be angry and make things difficult for you.
J: Yes, I am really sorry, I don't know what happened. Please don't do that, please don't. Would you want me to bring you something for breakfast, what do you like?
C: No, thank you. I don't want anything. Will I be able to have it back tomorrow?
J: Yes, it is encrypting right now. It takes four hours to encrypt.
C: You will set it up for me with shortcuts.
J: Yes, I will set it up for you.
C: Okay. Tomorrow then. Thank you.
J: Thank you.


Bimbimbie said...

Oh Ces, I'm sure there are a few painful medical procedures you think fitting for Sir P. At the very least his beard needs entombing within his acorn laptop*!*

Deborah said...

Oh so sorry. So very sorry.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I cannot imagine losing everything on my computer, and it is not even full of important stuff! it's just, well, kinda FULL.
The drawing is absolutely perfect and how you handled yourself with such lovely demeanor is quite beyond me. I would have been throwing a considerable FIT. One worth recording to humiliate me later.....
Well, what does one say? I hope things get better dear Ces.....


linda cardina said...

oh ces, i am feeling so bad for u... but it's going to be okay.

the drawing is awesome! the serpent on his head...hmmm what's it going to do ces???

love ya,

yoborobo said...

Okay, this is bad of me, very, very bad - but you're writing is so good you have me laughing very hard. It's not my fault! I am sorry you lost everything on your computer, I am. It sucks. I have a very love/hate relationship with mine. Your drawing is fabulous! :) Pam

Ces said...

Just a quickie: Pam, You are not the first one to laugh. Someone laughed last night after reading this. Hahahahaha!

Arija said...

Dearest Ces, when our 150 year old house that we dearly loved burned down just leaving the stone walls and our heritage 3 acre garden went with it, taking 25 years worth of memories of our married life with it as well as the few pre-war relics we treasured, I was gateful that the Lord answered my prayers and left me my children as well as our beloved dog for three more years.
Yes, I had to be the strong one and hold the family together and cope with my daughter's trauma since she was in the middle of the conflagration and could do nothing about it, and the poor Prof had not my experience of war and remembered displacement.
I picked us all up, scrubbed us down when we got some water and we started all over again. At the time it was traumatic, now, I realize that it was the best thing to happed to us.It is so much easier to leave life itself behind when you have had the experience of being deprived of all those things that normally define us.

Being angry only hurts yourself and the way it looked to me from the beginning was that your hard drive was meant to be deleted for something you need to learn. The same disk did not delete other computers, so take it on board that this is your personal learning that work is no where near as important as life. No matter how important you deem it. When we are not there, the world still goes on. Maybe the lesson lies in enjoying your life more and keeping your job within limits.

Remember, the only thing that remais when we shuffle off this mortal coil is the love we leave behind.

Ces said...

Yes! Yes! I should know. I have been through so much with our family. There is a Filipino blogger who wrote on her blog during the typhoon. She said, I will not have anything more than I can carry up to the top of the roof! Oh how true is that. I learned that lesson one midnight as a child when Mother woke us up and said, take your most prized possession. We are abandoning the house. The city was on fire and we had to flee to the the river bank. My younger sister and I shared our most prized possession, a doll named after our eldest sister who became a teacher that year. I remember wearing a wool bonnet, it was hot in the tropics but the bonnet serrved as a swing for the doll. I will die someday and I don't think anyone will say "She had neat folders and files on her computer and she had great documentation. Hahah!

Diana Evans said...

oh no!!! that is not good!!! but I know you will get through it!!!

I back up my stuff every day!!! I would have a heart attach otherwise.....

Hugsssssssssssssss and this new piece is wonderful and the acorn on the laptop...nice touch!!!


Bella Sinclair said...

Permanently DeleteDeleteDeleteDelete

"Oh my God! There goes the knife into my heart." BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Steak and eggs, baby, steak and eggs. And a side order of DATA. And a glass of shortcuts, please.

Marie S said...

Doesn't that always seem to be the answer to everything...a bigger hard drive???

Arija is so smart!
Love and hugs my sweet.
Remember the Pheonix...again. Sighhhh

Allegra Smith said...

The problem with the entire premise is that if he doesn't know what happened what can stop it from happening again? Certainly not him, since he apparently has no idea how it happened...sigh.

Losing material things is of little importance to me. When the children were young and broke something I always asked them: did you do it on purpose? When they say no, I said well, your great grandfather used to say that if the good lord wanted things to last forever everything would be made of iron.

But work that may help others and make wise use of your time and others is to me a different matter.
I wouldn't be angry but I would certainly be cautious. I would make sure that he doesn't come near my work or others without some guaranty. As the old Spanish saying goes: When you burn yourself with hot milk, every time you see a cow, you cry.

Renee said...

Ces, I am serious here, I think that nymph has been trying to sleep with the rest of us nymphs.

When he approached me I reminded him that I am a queen.

Love you dear friend.


Manon Doyle said...

Oh Ces..... that totally sucks!! I enjoyed reading about it however..... but i feel really bad sisterfriend!!

Another brilliant piece!!!

I hope the rest of your day has been a little better!!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

The best I can offer for frozen was the fact that I was out in the cold shooting pics and had a FROZEN ARSE while immortalizing leaves of all colors, shapes and sizes....
And that is NOT a pretty picture for any illustration.
Glad you have your computer back and that it's faaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssttttt!!!
Like the Nymphs! ;)


Baino said...

Well you're back and not sobbing any more so that's the important thing. I'm a backup monster. I have a terrabyte of memory on a remote hard drive just in case.