Quercus Whateverus

"You could call it "Quercus whateverus" and I 'd believe you." Bella Sinclair
I love that new Latin name my dearest sisterfriend Bella Sinclair coined, which I took as a plea to stop enumerating the different oak species while I told her about my current projects. Assuming the existence of the core values in a friendship, there is nothing more I value in a friend than a great sense of humor. From Deborah's funny messages and commentaries which send me howling, to the Saturday bloggermance with Manon, the hyperactive breathless comments from Vanessa, Linda's description of her attempt to paint with a banana, Renee's unapologetic comments, Baino's no-nonsense attitude, Bimbimbie's cheerful blog countenance, Silke's quiet observations, Arija's holistic reprimand and Diana's wholesome demeanor, I have enough deposit of mirth to blow away a bleak and gloomy day. I thank all of you for giving something to cheer me up. Then last week Caroline blew me away with the most luscious watercolor rendition of cherries and a folded paper butterfly on Artist Trading Cards - brilliant! I am so blessed with wonderful blog friends and visitors. I appreciate all of you.

Caroline, I am getting busy, hang in there! Thank you.
Oh my gosh I promised so many friends a lot of things. My desk and easels are full of unfinished projects. You just have to be patient with me. My drawing and painting hand is now my master.
But first I must go to sleep. I have been up since 3:00 o'clock this morning for a project implementation.
Please leave very funny comments...


Bella Sinclair said...

I vant to make a beeeg giant pile of your quercus leeeaves. And den dive into dem. Go weeeeeeeeee. Make quercus angel. aaaah, heaven.

Bella Sinclair said...

Had to come back to look at these, Ces. They are each gorgeous in their own right. But all together, and housed so perfectly as they are..... c'est magnifique!

buckram and bembo said...

i had "queer-cus" huevos for breakfast.

Ces said...

Hehehehe! Oh have you tried that? Em did that on a pile of autumn leaves last year with her cousin. They had so much fun! Stop speaking French! I need to be able to stand up. I have been napping all evening. Thank you sweetie.

B&B, Hmn! I had beef stew for breakfast at 12:00 noon!

Renee said...

Okay, so aren't they just 'leaves'? har har

Love them Ces.


Tessa said...

Yes, yes, oh, I do know what you mean. I never thought, in a million billion years, that when I started blogging that I would make friends with some of the most remarkable, talented, warm, funny, sagacious and gently encouraging people I've ever met in my life. That's not to say my 'real life' friends are anything less than utterly precious to me...just that I am amazed and delighted that my armadillo jottings could bring such joyfulness, y'know? Bloggy friends just seem to know the song in your heart and are able to sing it back to you when you've forgotten the words. Simply wonderful.

TattingChic said...

Ha haha! I LOVE making up Latin names for stuff! That is cute. I have a blog post in mind about just that sort of thing, LOL! The leaves are lovely, darlink!!!

~TattingChic ♥
☺♪♫♪♪♫♪♯♫♪(Yes, I just had to show off my new "character map" skills)

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I love oaks.....I absolutely LOVE them. The pockets on the side on my Cruiser often rattle with acorns gathered here and there when I am out.
I am the crazy lady picking up *nuts*; worse than a squirrel. I stash thm by type and size for use in mixed media.
I save leaves to scan and print or to use as patterns.....
I have twigs I have sewn onto fiber pieces after a good coats of varnish.
Left to my own devices (which would drive off DH) the whole house would be full of items gathered from the great outdoors.....
I guess I am a Green Goddess of some sort! LOL!!
Love your leaves sooooo much.


Deborah said...

Love the leaves, but I find it extremely rude of Bella to go wee in them...at least use a potty pad, Bella.

Bella Sinclair said...


Baino said...

Quintiseentially quite quaint quirky quercus!

Deborah said...

Bella, clean up the leaves...

Ces said...

Aaaah! What's going on here? What's with all the leaves scattered everywhere?

Just leaves Renee? Of course they are leaves!

Yes, Tessa, the connections are unbelievable although I have now learned to put a tunk-length betwem me and the next blogger until I am convinced that the connection will not be a dysfunctional one.

TatingChic, that is Bella coining a new oak term. She is great at inventing new words.

Anne! You are a Wood Nymph!

ACK! Did she wee at them dear Deborah? No wonder my shirt is wet!

ACK! Stop weeing dear Bella.

Ah you are watching your pees and Qs too Baino?

Hey Debby, she does not want the leaves, she wants the acorns! Hahahahahaha!

Paper Ces said...

ACK! I am no. 13. I can't leave it at no.13.

BT said...

What beautiful querci they are. I had a friend who, if she didn't know the name of a flower when her friend asked her, said 'oh, they're mauvadillias'. Or 'yellowdillias', you get the gist!! Said convincingly enough, everyone believed her. Can I come and dive in the pile with Bella? We'd have such fun.

Caroline said...

Leaves me breathless!