For Bella

Bella Sinclair. "She regaled them with stories of odd hobbies and sprouts at the CuppaCuppa Tree."
Bella Sinclair, Ces and Aimee
Thank you very much to all of you for all the supportive comments you left for Bella here and at her blog. I am comforted to see such outpouring of affection for Bella and her daughters. Bella is truly someone special to all of us. When she returns I think she will find it heartwarming to see this genuine display of affection and support.
Many of you have expressed interest in supporting Bella through this difficult time. if you would like to contribute a letter, poem or piece of artwork to a care package for Bella (no financial contributions please), contact Aimee at Artsyville (at) gmail (dot) com.
Today is a sad day for my dearest friend, reiki master Arija. Her only brother passed away last night in Australia. If you have a chance, please stop by her blog and offer her your support. Arija is an accomplished photographer, a poet and an absolute phenomenal woman.
Blogworld is an odd place. That I feel deep emotional ties to someone with whom I have not shared the same air in a room is rather unfathomable at times. Yet every pore of my body feel love for Bella that I can only compare to the love I have for my family. Blogging provides a place to develop intimacy with anonymity. We find ourselves more open with our blog relationships that we take it to a private line. Perhaps the reason why such closeness is prone to develop at a rapid pace is because we do not have to deal with all the quirks of human nature, of physicality, of habits and mannerisms that we may find annoying or hinder us from establishing human contact. Instead we go straight to what is meaningful to us, a deep bond with someone whose intellect, artistic talents, values and ideals we seek and admire.
I have not been around your blogs lately due to work commitments. Summer is peak season for project implementations. I just had one this weekend and it is going well. This summer we will be installing our massive clinical information system at our newest member hospital. It will require some night shift rotations on my part which immediately start after I return from my trip. I will try to make up visiting you as soon as am able.
Thank you very much.


Arija said...

Thank you my Ces, life is one long chain of chainges, hardly have we bicome accustomed to what is, than it is no more...and another challenge comes in its place.

Silver said...

;) why do i know this one? Blogging requires time(lots of it, actually)..but is an addition that we can't seem to shake off that easily, isn't it??


Dusik said...

it is truly sad what happened.

i have tried contacting aimee from artsyville but she hasn't replied

Renee said...

Ces, I don't even know what to say anymore.

Love Renee xoxo

TattingChic said...

This is a lovely tribute for Bella. She is a dear blogging friend and I am so sorry that she is going through such a difficult time.