Sunflowers, Those I Love...

Sunflowers, those I love. 30"x40" Oil on canvas. Why do we keep things? Why do we surround ourselves with objects? They straddle us, bound our spirits, prevent our wings from taking flight...

There is so much I wanted to write as I was overcome with thoughts and feelings when I was painting this picture. Lately I have been longing to change. To not be so affected, to be detached, to be free of wants and needs. Oh, I struggle. I get confused and conflicted. Someone might as well give me a lobotomy. Now that this painting is almost finished (it will take 6 to 12 months for the pigments to fully dry and oxidize before I can varnish this painting), my eloquence departs me. It is just as well; no one really knows what I think, what I feel. No one really cares; except those who sit in my chair and ruin my sleep, take my money and my things, hurt me, support me, love me and make me alive. Does this ever happen to you? You think of someone and you quiver and your heart beats so fast and you cry because you cannot contain your feelings... and to think that it is just Daisy, no wonder she struggles to free herself of my hug. I cannot help it. I love those I love, too much, too much, it hurts. What is wrong with me! Henceforth, I am giving everyone I love the liberty to be free of me. Be like Daisy, wiggle your way out so you can sleep soundly... oh wait, she's the one who ruins my sleep! I really can't help it. Ugh!

This is The Fiesta Series. I love what my friend Arija said to me:

I am so glad you are painting again. A girl who loves Fiesta ware cannot depict all of life in black and white.


MrBibleHead said...

Yay! It’s beautiful Ces! My favorite in the fiesta series. Some of the passion and feelings that escaped you as you tried to record your feelings have certainly surfaced in this painting! Thank you for posting the (almost) completed work. I was so looking forward to it. Thanks for also sharing yourself with us. We love you Ces!

Rick Forrestal said...

Hi Ces.

No on the lobotomy.
Yes on the sunflowers painting.

Love it.


k.h.whitaker said...

Soooooooo beautiful, beautiful, beautiful :) There are no words for how much I love this painting Ces.

Bella Sinclair said...

My favorite too! This is your own little paradise, to be surrounded by those you love and who love you back fiercely. The colors are so alive, they make my heart pound!

Dear Fireflies said...

Oooh... look at that! She stays bald!! Yayyy!! Well I love it, Ces. You did so beautifully with every little thing in it... It's wonderful to know that your art is entering a new era after the last "storm".

(^_^) oxx

linda cardina said...

OH MAN, CES!!! STUNNING!! yes, the sunflowers are so beautiful as are the colors etc! i especially love the painting within the painting. i don't know what is most beautiful... the way u write or your artwork. u never cease to amaze me, gurrrrl!! xoxoxoxox

martinealison said...

Des couleurs qui parlent, des couleurs qui chantent et dansent...
Des êtres aimés près de toi... ils sont présents partout près de toi...
Un tableau merveilleux... tu penses, tu dis, tu crées... tout est amour... alors reste toi-même, comme on t'aime!
gros bisous.

Ces Adorio said...

Thank you Jack. It is unfinished because I have to wait for t to completely dry (perhaps a year) before I can varnish it.

Hahahah! Thank you Rick.Okay, no lobotomy.

Francisco Martins said...

Hi Ces! How are you??
Whoa! this Fiesta series are you gorgeous, love how colorful these paintings are! I think that this is my favorite Painting in this series... love it!
By the way, I just found you or Behance! join my inner circle, I am following you now! look how modern we are! hahaha :D

illustration poetry said...

very beautiful, this is very beautiful!!!

i LOVE this, yes, i LOVE those sunflowers!

i LOVE everything about this painting!

buckram and bembo said...

kanami ba. thats why i said lagyan mo nang color.

illustration poetry said...

i love everything about this painting i mean sometimes paintings are beautiful, not in looks, not in what they say, just in what they are, and this painting is one of them.

Ces Adorio said...

Hello Rick! I really thought the lobotomy might tame my wild side. :)

Thank you Karen, You are much too kind!

yes, Bella, those who love me back fiercely, I know! Thank you.

Hell dear Amalia. Not necessarily a new era. The drawing style is influencing my painting style. Haha! Hope you are well.

Ces Adorio said...

Linda!!!!!! Oh your comment is making me swell with pride and also blush at the same time. If I am a tomato, I'd explode. Thank you ever for the encouragement and compliment. You amaze me too gurl! :)

MartineAlison, thank you for your poetic comment. I appreciate your eye not only for the details but the sentiment. Tsup!

Francisco Martins, my gifted, ahhmazing and handsome friend. Congratulations on being published again and again on Taschens.

Beautiful Mita, my young witch friend. Thank you ever so kindly. I am glad it pleases you.

Inday Frey, ah this is oils paints I tried to be colorful. Nakita mo kita nga walo? Kita ina sa painting sa background!

Andrew Finnie said...

Ah Ces, this is such a good work. Luscious and engaging and just beautiful with a capital 'beau'.

You have conjoured the elements and colours and lines and textures like a masterful condubctress conducts her orhcetsra of sounds and tones and harmonies...

Ah your emotions reflect so many that have gone before, where we try and free our spirit from the eartlymaterialobjects that encumber our lives....

that's why I have always delighted in being por, I once bought a new car and women kept leaving their phone numbers on the windscreen... never on me, see, people get lost in material things

you are right to try and free yourself.

but don't free yourself by attacking your paintings please

ahh my magic word is 'oven's ... maybe I have a bun in one?

hah just kidding . I always cook a round dozen never one ;)

Andrew Finnie said...

gee my posts wouldn't be half as much fun if I checked my typing before I clicked :)

see youavagoodweegendluv :)

audrey said...

It does my heart good to hear someone else going through some of the same feelings of wanting to clean my house and my heart of belongings that seem to clutter my life.
This painting is THE BEST, Ces. I LOVE IT!!!! It says so much and the colors, oh, how I love the colors.

Shirley said...

A gorgeous piece in your Fiesta series, Ces! I love the communication between the pup, the lovely lady, and the viewer. There is peace here..and oh, those paintings in the background..so beautiful! I don't ever want you to change or become something you are not. I am sending a great big hug your way...do not change, my dear Ces! : )Tsup!

Shirley said...

BIRTHDAY, dearest Ces!
I'm SO delayed in wishing you a wonderful wonderful year ahead...may you have many glorious days of family, fun, and joyous laughter.
Big hugs to you xoxoxo

Andrew Finnie said...

Hey Ces, I am good thank you, nothing to worry about, just I am trying to organise some troops in real life to rebut the evil empire which is a govt dept trying to steam roll us - we are fighting the good fight, but my troops don't want to organised!

I am not a leader of neighbours heh

illustration poetry said...

okay im just checking in.


byeeeee see you sooon!!!!!

Tammie Lee said...

oh, you did it, a wonderful colorful feeling piece.
so now I know a glimpse of what is going on inside of you.

I want to share a quote I love to consider:

"to know peace of mind requires a willingness to change, nothing else"

Mark Berkery