On To Bigger Things

The Lost Ladybug, Coccinella Novemnotata. Pen and ink on 19"x22" Bristol Board
Read more about the sad story of New York state's threatened and endangered insect and how you can help its resurgence.

I am posting today because I promised my dearest sisterfriend Bella Sinclair that I would post if she did. Remember when blogging was popular? However, one had to have something interesting or worthwhile to blog about. These days everyone is on Facebook where people post photos of their breakfast or dinner and sometimes a selfie in a bathroom. Have you ever taken a photo of yourself in a bathroom? I don't see a virtue in that act. In fact, I find it rather sad and forlorn that one has to take of photo of oneself because nobody else cares or bothers to take the photo for that person. Some Facebook users are extreme sharers. What they share and how often they share provide an interesting human study. I have a Facebook profile. My friends are mostly family and relatives, childhood friends and classmates from elementary, high school and university and several blog friends. These days I post my art mostly on Instagram and Behance.

As you can see I don't have much to say except sharing another drawing. On to bigger things, I have decided that I will use up all the 19"x22" Bristol Board pads I have in my possession. With the number of pads and the rate at which I am drawing, I would probably be drawing for the rest of my life. I hope my wrist and eyes could hold up to the task. Afterwards, I still have oil paints and canvases to use. That is why I seem to be everywhere but hardly there.


pieterbie said...

Hey, Ces. Sure, I'm still blogging.
And you are still drawing.
Let us keep it up for a long time still to come.

Rick Forrestal said...

You've been busy.
Such detail . . . amazing.

Bella Sinclair said...

WHOAHOHOHOHOAAAAA!!! I had to regain my composure! Incredible. Absolutely incredible. That must be you and your daughter sitting by your drawing. Wherever did you get that gigantic pen?! Holy moly, Ces. You showed me snippets, but I had no idea it was THAT hugs. And to see the extreme close-ups---*sound of mind being blown* Some of those dots and lines are soooooooo fine. Your white rabbit is beautiful and drawn with special tenderness. Your brain is incredible and your talent is limitless. Wowwwww. owww my own brain hurts from having to process it all. Imma lie down now. Thank you for posting. Tsup!!!!

Ted Blackman said...

Wow! Hieronymus Bosch got nothin' on you, Ces! Nice piece. I can't agree more about Facebook. To me it is the most repetitious and monotonous site. I just dont get the appeal. But you need a smart phone to get on Instagram, or so my research has shown me. And I only have an Ipad. I believe its possible to use the site with an Ipad but its not as convenient to use. Tried Tumbler and thought it was too impersonal, and your art is shared and goes wherever to whoever without a thank you. Seemed too easy to steal cartoon gags. I just dunno what to do. BUT I will never leave Blogger till Blogger is gone.

Arija said...

Hi Ces, thanks for your comment. I think you will be waiting for an inordinately long time or your split leaf philodendron to fruit for, the many cultivars of it that there are, are non fruiting plants. Only the Monstera delicious with not only split leaves but also holes in the leaver, bears fruit. My plant is humungous, the photo was taken some years ago, since then, it has at least doubled in size. hope you get one that actually fruits, you would definitely like it. Tsup, tsup tsup . . .

Andrew Finnie said...

Hello Brilliant Ces, Happy Birthday!