Cyathus striatus

Early this year I drew Cyathus striatus on a Moleskine journal and posted it hereCyathus striatus or Fluted Bird's Nest mushroom looks like a miniature bird's nest with tiny eggs called peridioles that contain spores. It has a hairy exterior and grooved (striated) inner walls. It is a saprophyte, growing on dead or decaying wood but may also be found on wood chip mulch. 

Well, today I was watering some plants and noted these tiny objects on the mulch. At first they looked like nail heads but when I looked closer I discovered that they are Cyathus striatus mushrooms. See how small they are on the image with my pointing finger. Pretty cool hey? Look at the periodoles. This phone camera is not bad either. Yay!

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Bella Sinclair said...

Oh wow! They are teeny tiny indeed! Whoa! And they do look like little nests. Mushrooms are very cool. Ah, to be three inches tall. These would look like eagles nests!