Of Fish Tales and Fish Tails

The Sorcerer's Underwater Blunder. Pen and Ink on 14"x17" Bristol Board. In my mind, the word "magic" is always followed by the word kingdom. I thought of Ursula, the octopus in The Little Mermaid story but when I started drawing the octopus, it turned out to be lifelike, so I just thought "what if the sorcerer messed up and made everything topsy turvy? This sorcerer certainly has no concept of scale...scale, get it? :) I have been sick and bed-bound with flu-like symptoms so naturally, I have been having bad dreams, my mind has been darting. Right now I just want to be a bignose shark so I can breathe.

If You Were A Fish

If you were a fish, what would you be?
Will you be white, red, blue, black, yellow, orange, purple or green?
You like heads instead of colors?
Will you be a slickhead, hammerhead, snakehead or lionhead?
Ah, you are more of a selfie-type and love to look at yourself -
Monkeyfaced, elephantnose, or largetooth.
Will you be a bigeye or a bignose?
Longnose or shortnose?
Longjaw or shortjaw?
Longfin or shortfin?
Longspine or shortspine?
Of course a bigmouth!
Yes, a gulper, swallower, sucker, man-eater.
A slippery dick.
Will you be silky, hairy, starry,
Ah of course, electric!
What about a torpedo?
A sturgeon or a surgeon?
Will you lookdown, upsidedown,
Glitter like a diamond, silver , bronze or be golden?
Would you rather be a sail, a skate, a kite,
Perhaps soar like a star, land on a moon, be a sun or its ray?
Will you be banded, play a drum, banjo, guitar or trumpet?
You want to be king?
Ah, a lady, a queen, a harlequin , a clown or a dwarf, no?
You just want to be Asian, American, African Australian, or Cuban?
You bleeding heart, repulsive hag.
You are full of bull aren't you?
Bullhead, bullnosed, bull-eyes, bull shark you!
You just want to be basking...fathead, fat sleeper, fat snook.
Will you be straight, slender or humpback?
Would you rather be a lion, a frog, an eagle, a rat, cat, dog, a tadpole?
What? The devil itself?!

In 2012, there were 32,000 species of fish identified by science.


Curious Art said...

Oh wow, Ces, this is one of my all-time favorites! You've created your own weird watery world!

Curious Art said...

p.s. Get well soon! I recommend hot & sour soup.

Bella Sinclair said...

Wowee! So very frightening and fascinating, the madness of your imaginings, and just as equally amazing and gorgeous. Those creatures! The fluidity and flow! I like your little divers and how they think they can be protected with little sticks. Mere toothpicks. You have created a truly magical kingdom!

Feel better! Tsup!

Bella Sinclair said...

Oooh my, you saw my gender? I like it when you click on me.

Bella Sinclair said...

Bahahaha! Tsup