Nefarious Fairy Tale

Wise guy. I submitted this illustration to another art prompt from an art group to which I was added by a friend. The prompt was "Fairy Tale." I have not been following Illustration Friday for a while and I did not know that this week's prompt was "nefarious." Aha! Is there anyone more nefarious than the tax collectors who used the agency to unfairly burden those whose political beliefs were not in line with theirs? Do you remember that? You already forgot? I know. I understand. I would too, which is why I drew this image to remind myself that evil lurks. Do you see the principal witch brewing up schemes and boiling innocent citizens? Okay. So what have you guys been doing? For the past two months I have written over fifty major clinical rule modules to meet the many requirements and regulations brought about by the Obamacare implementation. That's another topic.

The Tax Collectors or  Alphabet Soup of Failure. Pen and Ink on 17"x14" Paris Paper
Unprecedented Concoction of Corruption, Distrust, Ineptness, Incompetence, Lies, Falsehoods, Coverups, Spying, Overreach, Political Correctness, Abuse of Power and Disregard for the People.

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Bella Sinclair said...

That is a very scary fairy tale you have created! Layers upon layers of beautiful fright. While you have been writing rules, I have spent the past two months tasting fifty brands of chocolate. I'm sorry.

Please do not vomit.

Tsup tsup tsup!