Ceratotherium simum (White Rhinoceros)

Ah see, back already. That did not take long. Here is something I drew last month. I am drawing an elephant herd this week. I would like to try a detailed rhinoceros drawing next. Did you know that a white rhinoceros is not white? The name white rhinoceros comes from the Afrikaan, a West Germanic language, word "weit" which refers to their "wide" muzzle.  It is also known as the square-lipped rhino. It is the second largest mammal and has almost no hair. Above drawing, of Ceratotherium simum, is with pigment and India ink on Paris Paper. Certotherium simum stands 5 to 6 feet and weighs 3,080 to 7,920 pounds. 


Bella Sinclair said...

Whoaaaaaaa. To see it come to life, little by little, is like magic. I never knew that about the white rhino. Interesting! Tsup!

Deborah said...

Brilliant; your drawing and you!!!

**blows kisses**