How Not To Be An Architect

Since I was a little girl until I was a teenager I enjoyed making model towns from various materials in different settings. I also enjoyed drawing floor plans, I drew thousands of them eliciting my mother's concern. I thought I would study architecture but I realized I preferred the models more than the real things. I made a model town out of cardboards and styrofoam and painted each building's details with watercolor. On the top photo, my sister is inspecting a section of the model which filled our entire apartment when I was in college studying nursing and later speech therapy. I had to stack the sectioned layers for storage. I used matchbox cars to dot the streets. This was the last model I made when I was 19 years old. One day, I finally said goodbye to my hobby and crumpled each section then threw away the entire model town. I saved the matchbox cars. Today I still like models, miniatures and matchbox cars. My current drawing is a tribute to my childhood obsession.


Arija said...

Love your tribute to youth!

Steve E said...

It is only the second time I have been in contact with a true genius. Ces, it is what you are. Your drawings, paintings, and descriptive "dissertations" on family, life, politics, well...your PHILOSOPHIES are what bring wonder to the world.

It is, however, determination and IMAGINATION that is the real gift with which you've been endowed, and the fact that you use it in many facets of your life, other than filling blank paper with dots.

Beethoven used notes. Einstein used squiggles, numbers which few understood. But imagination they shared--and see Leonard Bernstein, the only American-born-and-trained musical genius...(the "other" one I met and briefly shared.)

Your work is outstanding, inspired thoughts are superlative!

How can one EVER thank you?

Steve E said...

And SO many thanks for another glimpse into your earlier life (age 19) Pssst:
You would've made an AMAZING architect

k.h.whitaker said...

love the header and all the photos you've been posting. With your attention to detail you would've been a wonderful architect.

Bella Sinclair said...

Whoaaaaaa, that's amazing and darn impressive! It's huge! So very sad that you threw it away. I hope, at least, you made Godzilla noises while doing so. This drawing is a wonderful way to remember your hobby. Nostalgia at its best. Tsup!