Running Away

One day when I was a little girl, I got mad at my mother and threatened to run away from home. I ran out of the house and started walking towards Libertad Street but not finding a place to stay, I hid among the bushes in the field in front of the house. A few minutes later I waited for my family to look for me. They did not, so I started inching closer and hid among the bushes closer to the house. Hours later, my family, especially my mother did not look for me, so I went to the garden by the side of the house where I stayed until dusk. Tired and hungry, I finally came in to the house. I told my family, especially my mother that they were no good for letting me run away and not looking for me. My mother told me that they did not have to look for me because they knew where I was all the time! Pffft!

Drawing with magnifying glass.


Rick Forrestal said...

Great story.
And there you are . . . in your drawing.

Bella Sinclair said...

Teeheeheee! Poor thing, you sat in the tall grass for HOURS? You must have been so indignant, hehehe. Too cute!

Steve Elsaesser said...