Her Royal Kindness Surviving The Imperial Fuss Over Another Special Ordinary Day

Her Royal Kindness Surviving The Imperial Fuss Over Another Ordinary Day

This drawing is taking forever. When I say "forever" I mean more than a day and lately, a day means two, three or four days or even a week, until I am fed up with it. So I am going to cut corners, literally. I am just going to use the left upper corner.


Your royal kindness,
When civilization ends,
I will still be your friend.
When I wake up,
you are in my remembrances.
When I close my eyes,
you are on my list to give thanks.
In my dreams, I am rowing a giant oak leaf 
towards an isolated island to save 
and protect you
from crazy, slobbering, stalking dogs.
I wake up
and it is not what I have dreamt.
It is you who keep me safe from 
crazy, slobbering, stalking dogs,
You send a hummingbird 
to pluck me from drowning.
In my old age I will continue to fuss
in my heart to celebrate your special day
while I play and pretend that 
it is just another ordinary day.
I wanted a lot of fanfare and macarons
but I just have this unfinished drawing
and a poem that does not even rhyme.
Thank God it is not the end of civilization,
and there are real poets.
Today is Sisterfriend Day
and No Housekeeping Day.


Steve E said...

do I
smile lots
while reading
your bon mots

...and truly, EVERY day
is just another special
ordinary day.
Another day to unfinish
something. To diminish
my self-imposed importance!

Happy Birthday to Viking?

Rick Forrestal said...

Another masterpiece in the works!
Great achievements should never be rushed.

Bella Sinclair said...

Heeeheeheeeee! Awww, look at these little treasures! They are precious and they make me laugh. There is enough mirth to fill an amusement park! And what lovely, lovely words. I feel blessed to know you and to call you sisterfriend. Happy No Housekeeping Day! Happy Sisterfriend Day! No day is ordinary while I have you in my life. Tsup Tsup!!!

deer prudence said...

very good stuff.

dosankodebbie said...

SisterFriend Day and No Housekeeping Day. What wonderful words. As is Special Ordinary Day. I wonder if you'll let me use them in an Etegami some day....

k.h.whitaker said...

Oh this one is going to be amazing, so much to look at :D