In 2013, Nepal Had Zero Poaching Of Rhinos, Elephants and Tigers

In 2013, nearly 700 rhinos were killed in South Africa making it the bloodiest year for rhino poaching. Meanwhile, Nepal had zero poaching of rhinos, elephants and tigers, the second year in a row. This is remarkable considering that Nepal is close to Vietnam and borders China. Thank you to the Nepalese people for their commitment to protecting these sentient beings. 

China and Vietnam remain the biggest consumers and recipients of illegally poached rhino horns. This is nauseating and blood curdling: "survey of 720 people in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City published earlier this month, found that typical buyers were "educated, successful and powerful individuals" and use rhino horn as currency in networking."

Oh, I got my computer back after more than one month!!! It was surprisingly wonderful to be disconnected.


Rick Forrestal said...

This is encouraging and discouraging news.
Getting the word out is part of the solution.
Thanks for continuing to educate us . . .

izzy said...

I watch as many conservation programs as I can stomach- sometimes human kind is far from kind. I guess we have to pray for the willingness to change.

Bella Sinclair said...

Oooh! Six gorgeous drawings in one! Hooray for Nepal. I wonder what policies they have in play and if those policies could be spread elsewhere. And how disheartening to learn that consumers are educated and wealthy and powerful! No, no, no, no, that is not right. Everyone tries to emulate the upper class. Nooooooo.