What The Sea Giveth, The Sea Taketh

What The Sea Giveth, The Sea Taketh. ©C.P.Adorio. Pen and Ink on 11"x14" Bristol Board


illustration poetry said...

If the sea were to drag me down, i would apologize for not being able to float.

So beautifully detailed i just cant handle it, Grandewitch.


Rod MacGregor said...

A lot of stories in this masterpiece..great stuff Ces!

Steve E said...

"Masterpiece" best describes this work, Ces...I predict people will one day analyze your work,
like students for 200 years have been analyzing Beethoven's quartets, ever discovering "new" bits of brilliant genius. SERIOUS!

and isn't it GREAT to read Mita's
ever-so-unique comment? Been wondering......

Lilla said...

Your style is outstanding... wow... just wow!

Andrew Finnie said...

hi Dear Ces, well I was just thinking about this work and what I would say, because words don't really describe such a brilliant peice as this. It really is a master work - up there with all the favourite illustrators I have ever had, or ever will. You should be very proud of this. I'm proud of myself for just knowing such an amazingly talented person as yourself. Happy Season Greetings and I hope Santa is rumbuctuously splendiferous to yourself and your lucky Viking!! hugs from here :)

Andrew Finnie said...

oh and I meant that about it being a masterwork

Lisa Graham Art said...

This is amazing...and terrifying. Wow Ces!