Lost In The Woods, First in A Series of Forest Scenes

Ah Sleep!
why did you leave me tonight
and rob me of my slumber?
You have been my best of friends
these past full moons.
You have kept my secrets and dreams
safely tucked away in the recesses of my mind.
Your departure drove me to take solace among the woods
and trees in my head.
Oh Sleep, return to me!

October 1, 2013. I had a project implementation. It was not supposed to be major and I could have easily gone back to sleep  but it happened in the middle of my sleeping hours. Either I force myself to settle with fitful sleep or be wide awake...

Lost In The Woods.  8"x10" Pigment ink on 11"x14" Bristol Board


Arija said...

Sleep . . . a respite from life's difficulties, transient when we need it and overpowering when we least expect.
A 55+ year journey of my life has ended. I was always meant to be the first to go but God willed otherwise and has left me here to keep on learning. We never know what there is in store for us.

martinealison said...

Bonjour ma chère Ces,

Cet ami qu'est le sommeil m'a quitté il y a fort longtemps... J'aimerais bien l'inviter à nouveau... Si j'étais certaine qu'il se cache dans ta belle forêt j'irais volontiers m'y perdre.
Je le soupçonne cependant de bien se cacher derrière ces beaux troncs...

J'aime les mots que tu écris et qui me parlent...
Gros bisous

k.h.whitaker said...

I hate it when I can't sleep. Beautiful illustration. So many lovely squiggles :D

Steve E said...

I thought I spotted you sleeping in the woods on enlargement--grin! Seriously, is there any animal life in this one? I'm always blowing up your work as I look for "hidden" stuff. I'll keep on looking, as it's FUN! Some day I'll count your squiggles.

When I can't sleep it means there is something else I'm supposed to be doing........DAMMMMIT!

Arija said...

How odd, I wanted to leave a comment on this post when it first came up but there way nowhere to do it. Now suddenly there is a slot for them.
Often sleep escapes us when we most need it. best not to worry about it and draw. Maybe it was just so you would do this lovely enchantment.