August is Peach Month

Peach Facts
(Reprinted from 2008)

  • Peach is my favorite ice cream flavor. When I was single and lived alone, my refrigerator was empty except for ice cubes and several half gallon boxes of peace ice cream in the freezer.
  • My favorite pie is peach pie.
  • I love a peach fruit that drips its juices when eaten.
  • When they were young, my husband and I took our children to an orchard to pick peaches. We went home with a trunk full of peaches.
  • My children love peaches, of course.
  • I love peaches with cottage cheese.
  • I love peach flavored yogurt.
  • I love peach cobbler.
  • I love the smell of peach shampoo and lotion.
  • I love peach ice cream.
  • I love peaches. You already know that?


Arija said...

You're my kind a girl! I love peaches too, peach tea, peach liqueur , peach anything. Enjoy your peach month Ces while it lasts.

Steve E said...

You love peaches
peaches love you
Peach i-screams for you
Know why?
Because YOU are "peachy", that's why!

Ces, I know that sounded corny, but
it was written with love from my heart,
which is not affected by "climate change"


Ces said...

Hahahahaha! You always knw how to make me laugh. Thank you, Steve.

Ces said...

So glad to hear we share a lot of things. That makes me happy, Arija. Hope you are well.

Rod MacGregor said...

Hey Ces...those peaches are painted by someone who obviously likes peaches...Bright Orange/Peach love...maybe!:)

k.h.whitaker said...

Your posts aren't coming up in my feed lately :( I love peach anything! Yummmmmmm