Eat This!

Too lazy to bake a crust for a fruit tart. Besides, it's too hot to turn on the oven.


Steve E said...

Ces, I just guessing that is NOT a plate of chocolates....wearing fruity clothing? OK, I dreaming again that heaven will be like Willy Wonka (?) Chocolate Factory.

Have a LOVELY weekend (probably "on call")...It IS certainly a beautiful dish, dish--I mean "girl"!

Arija said...

Crusts are fattening, the fruit os so much more wholesome without.
Here we have been eating lots of fruit as well even though it is winter. What do you call those green fruit, here they used to be called Chinese gooseberries but when New Zealand started exporting then en masse, the name changed to Kiwi fruit. Our local strawberry season just finished but we still get plenty from the Tropics. Our pineapples are particularly sweet and delicious this time of year.
Go sit under a fan and enjoy your fruit salad.

Rick Forrestal said...

I know food photographers that don't shoot pictures this pretty.