Good grief!
It took three attempts to correctly submit my entry on the IF page.
I like soft boiled eggs.
Over easy.
Hard boiled.
Egg sandwich.
I collect egg cups.
I tried to draw new eggs.
I am sick of drawing eggs.
I bore myself.
The end.

Lobotomy for breakfast:

Egg Man:



Creations By Mit said...

Bwahaha!! Love the poem! I had my screen minimized, & was scrolling down slowly as I read, & got to that first image and laughed out loud! your work is such eyecandy, Ces! So many interesting things to look at, and discover! In the 1st one alone I especially liked the duck, & the guy getting smushed by the pen (boy, that would suck!) & the guy with the beanie!

Anonymous said...

Love your work, made me smile :)
Is that a cannibal rabbit, I detected, on your second illustration? Funny!

Rick Forrestal said...

You are so funny. Love this series.
And I love eggs in egg cups, too.

martinealison said...

Je deviens folle ! oui, folle car je me perds à ne plus en finir dans les innombrables détails qui font tout le charme de ton art. Non seulement, mon regard s'enfuit là et là et là encore mais mon esprit rêve, rêve de !... oui tu me rends folle ! de bonheur et j'admire ton talent.
Ma sensibilité est mise à grande épreuve chaque fois et c'est si bon !
Les oeufs, je les aime, mais eux non !...
Gros bisous ma chère amie.

martinealison said...

ps : Je vais me méfier chaque fois que je tomberai mon crayon à ne pas écraser un petit "lutin" !... et les petites pantoufles et... j'arrête! je te dis tu me rends folle ou fruitcake !

Ces said...

Hahahha! Nous vous remercions de votre visite et commentaires. Vous êtes si doux. Vous faites exactement la même chose pour moi avec tes tableaux détaillés et colorés!

artepacja said...

Amazing drawings... I can look it for hours and still find something new. Very good technique.

Rod MacGregor said...

Crikeys Ces...Your a drawing machine!!!

Bella Sinclair said...

Hehehehehehe. This is why when you say you don't have creativity, I have to scoff. Wishing you an eggcellent day. Tsup!!!

Ted Blackman said...

Don't know if you took that photo of the eggs in the tray but the one in front, second from left is me.

Ces said...

Hehehe. He is the angry one!