Of course, this narrative has nothing to do with the drawing.

“Things happen, let’s just move on.” He said it just like that. I thought about it for a while and we moved on. That was two months ago. I never cared much for him before. Not that I disliked him, he was just insignificant to me. He did his business and I did mine. Sometimes we worked together but now I recall more things that make him okay. Now and then, I think about how easy it is for others to dismiss something and move on. Of course, there was not any moral dilemma involved, just something important we forgot to do, thank goodness, it did not have any adverse consequence.

Yesterday my husband told me about a business meeting he had. The client is faced with staggering expenses due to years of neglect of his property. It is a hefty sum this man has to pay but he replied “I want to do this right. Let’s just move on. Life is too short. I will earn the money through some other means.”

I notice as I age that most people with a light heart are also philosophical without being “mental.” Their ways are simple. There is nothing lavish about them, it seems. Though they have accomplished and achieved a lot, they don’t let their achievements and successes get into their heads. Those are consolation prizes. Their greatest gifts, it seems, are a clear head, their light heart, peace of mind and true friends. They are fun to be around. Their company is desirable. They have a sense of humor and they exude confidence. Their confidence is contagious. They also make people around them feel secure. Of course I am not always privy to their private moments. Who knows they pull their hair.

Words echo in my brain. Words of people I love, respect and admired, words of people to whom I listen…something to this effect “We will find means.” “All will be well.” “We will get through this.” “Things get better.”

If something bad happened they set to get it right or at least stop the progression. They never lose hope or courage. I on the other hand think of all the worst possible things that could happen and I dread them. It propels me to prevent them from happening, so I scramble. I don’t know if I am too pessimistic. I admire  those who can tread lightly. I notice that they have a lot of faith. Things are not perfect, in fact awful! God awful. yet they seem peaceful. They project strength, steely resolve. In observing them, by being with them you know all will be well in the end.

They pray.

When a fellow analyst underwent surgery, she asked me to pray. I smiled and said okay. One day I listened to my voice mail at work and there was a lengthy raspy voice mail thanking me for my prayers and saying “I love you” and it went on for several minutes. I did not know who it was until the end of the message. Weeks later she returned to work all perky and happy. She asked if I got her message. I told her I thought it was a prank call at first. She laughed and said, “That was because they just extubated me! I hardly had any voice but I wanted to talk after being in that respirator for twelve hours, it was midnight, so I called your office and left you a voice mail.” She was praying woman. She told me once that her problems were too big, so she gave them all to God. “How did you do that?” I asked. She replied she just told God to handle her problems. I asked her to explain. What followed was a three year conversation, and many lunch hours.

Later, another friend told me at a time when I was faced with adversity, that things get better. I wanted to believe her, reluctantly. I was too enmeshed in my problems. I forgot to pray.

Prayer is powerful.

Last week at lunch, a fellow analyst told me about her struggles. I heard myself telling her “Things will get better…”

You don't have to pray but if you do, you have to believe first.


Arija said...

Prayer has incredible power but it is always safer to pray in a general way since we do not know what another's life lessons are it is not fair to ask God to heal them, rather ask God to stand by them for the greatest good of all. We do not know the resins why, we can only do our best and ask God to help us whichever way it is meant to go, whether we are meant to stay or to go, as long as we go with God, it is a always a good journey.

I love all the pachyderms packed into your header, and you.

audrey said...

Hi Ces. Interesting post. Many true words here. Any problems that are taking up time in my head, I tend to push to the back of my mind and pretend they don't exist. Unknowingly, this causes stress that is bad for me and then I wonder why my neck and shoulders hurt so bad. Life is filled with "problems" and I always turn to God for the really bad ones and seek His help to calm me and help me. He believe He listens.
I long for a peaceful life, a quiet life where I can rise in the mornings and paint. But then I think that to be selfish of me as there are people who need my help and my time. I hope to make it to God's kingdom one day and I know I will have peace there.
I will say a little prayer for you today, Ces, just because.
audrey xo

Rick Forrestal said...

Good words, Ces. I agree with today's post.

And God bless the "light hearted" -- they DO always make me laugh.
And smile.


Tammie Lee said...

just stopping by for a moment as i wander different lands.....
love this piece of art
made me smile
love all the white space. xx

Bella Sinclair said...

You are like your illustration, you know. You may see yourself as small, but you cast a big shadow. And that shadow provides welcome shade for many others, including me.

I don't know if there is a God or if there is, why he chooses to answer some prayers and ignore others. I do believe, however, that prayer can calm the heart and mind and provide hope to the hopeless. What I find frightening is when people refuse to take responsibility for their own lives and actions.

Beautifully written post! Tsup!

Ces said...

I do cast a fat shadow!!! Hahahaha! Aaaawww. My dearest Bella Sinclair, it warms my heart when I read that you think I give you shade. In fact you do to me the same and much more.

When I pray, I do not really ask for specific things or situations otherwise some things that I do not like would not happen. I do not think God is a source of material resources, for example, but God answers prayers in mysterious ways. Sometimes as a challenge. I did not pray for example for God to not let my sister die when she was afflicted with cancer but I asked that whatever plan there may be that there should be kindness, mercy and tenderness given to my sister in her struggle and may the pain felt by those who love her be soothed and comforted. Maybe sometimes when what we expect does not happen, that is the answer. I do not believe that the path of faith and righteousness is an easy way, that just because we believe we receive material things that make our existence an easy one according to our expectations. I dare not put God to the test by asking for something specific. I do ask for guidance and strength and to do the right thing. I did not expect my life to be an easy one and while I work for my keep, I know that I God has gifted me. How else can I explain the parents I had, the family I have and the friends I have. I cannot explain so many things. I just give thanks.

Ces said...

Oh and another thing. I do not go around being holy, I am actually quite incensed and disgusted with a lot of things I see and read but in the end I try to think how I can make it better for the people I love.

Ces said...

White space is good! Not much ink! :)

Ces said...

Amen! Have a great day, Rick!

Ces said...

Thank you Audrey. I think painting for yourself is a wonderful way to glorify God and give thanks and praise for your gifts. :) Go ahead, paint!

Ces said...

Yes, I know what you mean!!! Thank yu very much. I love you, Arija. Tsup!

k.h.whitaker said...

You do cast a large and comforting shadow Ces. Love the post and the illustration. Hugs!!!