Take Off Those Wheels!!!

Sometimes, in-line skates to a rat is like a computer to a human. Those wheels can make the rat zip here and there but soon it forgets it can run better and faster and climb without them. Computers are great but too often it has replaced the human's ability to think critically. This works very well with cunning communicators who use technology to spread their lies and propaganda. By the time the truth catches up, the lies have circled the globe three, four...ten times. Oh wait. With computers, it's instant multiple points of attack. Oh, and hiding behind the veil of anonymity!!! Have you read those commentaries on the news and op eds?!!!

Okay, I just heard this gem. I feel these are the people I have in my life who give me love. I just hope I deserve them and I give back. I can hear my father, my mother, my sisters and brothers, the best of my friends, and especially my husband on this...


Lisa Graham Art said...

A rat with roller skates...I used to feel like this rat at work...but minus the roller skates which I definitely could have used!

Steve E said...

Why, I'll never know. It used to be a "saying" in my yoot--c.1943--
"Rats on Roller Skates". Even now it makes no sense. Had completely forgotten. Thanks, Ces, for this important memory, which will certainly bring me closer to my Higher Power!--grin!

Now...that SONG! LIKE it! How appropriate for a meditation for today. Imagine: "..What I've got, and what I'm not" usually translates to
"who I am!"

Wishing to thank you, for the song, yes, your thoughtful writing, yes, the rat on skates, OK!, conservative radio (yeah, me, too), for those inked pelicans (?) blocking moon-shot, yesss! BUT mostly for leaving open the "comment" section! HAHAHAHAHA!

Bella Sinclair said...

Mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm, Mraz is one of my favorites!

Hehehe, your little rat is cute on wheels. I wonder how he laces them all! And now I wonder if four skates is better than two. Heck, those make for some excellent ab-rollers! If that were me, though, I'd be lying flat on my belly.

Zip zip zip, lies spread so quickly and with so much vitriol. Agreed. But the benefit of technology is that you can quickly look up the truth and call them out on it too. Boo-yah.

Speaking of abs, I must go exercise now. Sigh.

Ces said...

Yes, he sings beautiful words.

Unfortunately there does not seem to be any desire to publish the truth, rather propaganda and by the time the truth comes out, people have moved on to another sensational item. Sadly our media chooses what to ignore so many facts.

Ces said...

Yes, comment section just for you! :)

Ces said...

Yes, I know that feeling. This is my self portrait. Hehehe!