Wishing Everyone A Wonderful Christmas Time

So busy during this time of the year. 
So many project implementations at work. 
There is no such thing as a holiday season when one is working in healthcare.
I am so busy.
So tired.
However, let me be the first one to greet everyone a Merry Christmas. 
Love your loved ones.


martinealison said...

Je te souhaite à toi aussi ma chère Ces de joyeuses fêtes de Noël... Mon séjour chez mes enfants s'achève... Je vais pouvoir revenir te visiter plus régulièrement et admirer tes oeuvres qui à chaque fois me fascinent.

Gros bisous.

Steve E said...

Lovely present, I call it a "SNOW SEEN" and your wishes for to "be nice"...What more cold be wished, the best of vibrations, love, the tidal pull of love, undulating between and among and...and..........what the hell am I talking about?
It's nearly 3 AM and morning for me comes in two and half hours! Good Night, Ces.

audrey said...

Hi Ces.
Been so very busy, sick, house filled with guests, everyone sick, and trying to prepare for Christmas. I have checked in on you many times, just no comments right now. What a pity our lives are filled with so much "busyness" ~ there seems little time to enjoy each other.
I take this opportunity to wish you well with many blessings during this magical and blessed time of year and wishes for a wonderful New Year.
audrey xo

Bella Sinclair said...

Awwww, I hope Santa brings you a vacation for Christmas. A big box of no-housework relaxation to be shared with no one. I love all these little glimpses of Christmas! So beautiful. A winter Where's Waldo. The little girl on the right must be Virginia. Tsup tsup tsup!

Tammie Lee said...

each window view of your art is entirely wonderful and full of winter and Christmas spirit.
I wish you rest and free time.

Lisa Graham Art said...

Oh how I know how busy healthcare is. Get some rest friend...as often as you can and Merry Christmas to you oh talented one! :)

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Please get some rest. We who care for other never really get loved on like we should. Take sometime please for yourself and do you! Hopefully there is a foot rub coming to you soon by your loved ones. Thanks so much for awesome show of support!
I so appreciate it!

aimee said...

Ces, I think you must work around the clock and never sleep. That's the only way you could do all you do!! Take a break! xo

Rick Forrestal said...

I am relating to your recent blog post -- the beautiful foods. Didn't know how to comment on that one, so here I am on this one. (Ha.)
Another holiday season is here, and I find myself in a depressed state, having a hard time, working too much, and about as sick as I've ever been.
(Bad flu season here -- and it's got me, but good. I hate antibiotics, but my doc -- a homeopathic -- has ordered me to take 'em. Now, if I can
just get past these coughing spells.)
My chef daughter -- in Boulder -- did come and spend some time here with me, and I loved it. She's the one that always tells me to "shoot more food."
'Cause "food is beautiful." She's right, of course. Your food pics made me think of that.
Regarding social media, I might add . . . I don't partake. Blogging is about the extent of networking, and that's just to satisfy my compulsion to shoot.
So don't feel too bad about backing away from the norm.
Hope you have a surprisingly good holiday season, in unexpected ways.