Our Christmas Tree is naked. I cannot figure out the lighting cords. I don't know what happened. The connecting cords are shorter and some circuits are totally out. When I touch the tree, the light turns on, so there must be a loose bulb somewhere. I love Christmas. I love Christmas Trees, Christmas carols, Christmas ornaments, Christmas colors, Christmas smells, Christmas church bells, Holy Christmas mass celebrations expecially when the choir sounds like the Gregorian monks chanting. As I write this, Manhein Steamroller is playing Christmas carols on the Bose. However, I am not crazy that I will inspect 800 lightbulbs to see which one is loose or burnt out. I promised my daughter I will buy new Christmas lights tomorrow and we will string them around the tree so we can decorate the tree.

I used to have a lot of Christmas decorations. As years passed, I started throwing away some Christmas ornaments and decorations. I resolved to only keep the ones that had sentimental value. So it only takes half a day to put up the Christmas decorations. The tree will have to wait. It looks very green right now.

Every Christmas ornament we have around the house has a story and memory. I have a lot of handmade Christmas ornaments, made by my late but most beloved Mother-in-law. I have some ornaments made by my sister-in-law. I also have ornaments hand-carved by my Father-in-law. Every year, my husband buys me a Santa Claus ornament or decoration. I don't think he knows that he does it every year. My favorite ornament is Santa Clause riding on a pig. My husband bought it one December when he was in Dallas on a business trip. I was so tickled to receive that. At that time I liked pig ornaments.

I do not put away all my Christmas ornaments. I keep some Christmas ornaments out all year and some really tiny ones in the china or the curio cabinet. Yes, we keep the Christmas spirit here year-round. I love to be reminded by many happy memories...that or I am a lazy housekeeper. I love fresh flowers but I do not buy fresh flowers unless the house is clean and organized. This December I will finally buy my first bouquet. I am exhausted. I moved furniture all weekend and cleaned up my art supplies. The front yard is littered with boxes not because I went shopping but because I threw away more things.


Rick Forrestal said...

So many great old-fashioned Christmas decorations and ornaments.
Thanks for sharing. I love 'em all.
Sounds like it might be time for some new light strands.
The new ones work, even when one of the bulbs gets loose.

Ces Adorio said...

This is a tree with built-in lights and for some reason, I cannot remember the circuit. There is supposed to be order in the connections. Ugh. I am so lazy to figure it out.

Steve E said...

In the second line of your interesting and enjoyable "fireside chat", you write:
"When I touch the tree, the light turns on..."

What I'm wondering...did you also chant in ethereal tones and volume:

C.P. Adorio said...

I did not say it aloud but I did think that :)

Bella Sinclair said...

No loose bulb in you, that's for sure.

Honey, you light up my life.


aimee said...

get thee to Target and light up your tree!

k.h.whitaker said...

I hope you have better luck finding lights than I did. We had lighting issues also, then went everywhere to find lights and no one had any!!! We had to get outside icicle lights with white cords.

C.P. Adorio said...

Oooohhh yes! I thought it was only here. I could not find white lights so I had to buy multicolored Christmas lights and they were expensive!!! Argh!