Mycena inclinata

Mycena inclinata. Doubtfully edible. Colored pigment ink on Bristol board. You know, if you don't care of things that bug you, they behave like a fungal infestation. They keep popping up. So better use a fungicide or get rid of that infected part.


Bella Sinclair said...

Reminds me of my dry, cracked fingers and nail fungus. Bahahahahaha!

Oh. Yours is much lovelier, though.


Ces Adorio said...

Ewwww! What the heck. HAHAHAHAHAH! You are so funny!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Beautiful mushrooms! Lovely work Ces.
Oh my word Ces, I just cried over NJ and NYC. We have never seen it this bad. There are friends and family that I am hearing from that still don't have lights and power. Some have come together at one persons home or another and stayed while these things are restored, but it's crazy!!! We just never ever expected it to be this bad and now the shore. GONE!!!! I mean Seaside Heights..... GONE!!! We use to go as a family when I was little. I can't even imagine. I was suppose to be going to a conference that I attend every year this time. I knew it was bad when the Airline called and cancelled the flight. If Newark is not flying ain't nobody flying. I pray for God to bring help and peace and normalcy. It's needed so bad. My family in NYC said they had never seen anything like it before. NYC has never been hit like this. Everything from 33 street down, was a mess. No lights no power. Nothing. All we can do is send good thoughts and prayers. Sending you much love Jersey Girl. Tsup Me

Ces Adorio said...

I don't think there ever was a hurricane when I lived in New Jersey. I always worried about them in Florida and Texas where my husband and his parents then lived, and of course the other Gulf States. Every year we prepare for it. Our disaster teams are in place days before landfall. We have learned so many lessons from past hurricanes and tropical storms one of which shut down our hospital with flooding. We literally had medical technologists swimming in the basements towards the exit when the basement was filled with water. We transferred over 200 patients to other hospitals without incidents, carrying them in beds down the stairs from twelve floors. There is always loss of lives, homes and properties. Hurricanes are devastating and humbling. They can also break human spirits if allowed. I think that is why Filipinos have a fatalistic and superstitious attitude with an uncanny sense of humor about most things because every year they rebuild and then get destroyed and rebuild again. Filipinos make a joke while fleeing to safety as their homes get engulfed by water or blown away by the wind. But this is America. We have massive structures, big buildings, first world technology and superb mass transit, all of which could not withstand the force of nature. It is very difficult for us to see that in New Jersey and New York and especially NYC. The weather added insult to injury. Last night my sister went home after a long shift at the hospital to a cold apartment. The power was out again and she slept in 30-degree temperature. The storm is a very difficult and painful lesson but I believe our sisters and brothers will survive. Americans, are the world's default rescuers and always ready to help others. The storm can destroy property but they cannot let it break their will and spirit. It's easy for me to say but I personally know it is painful. Sending love to you and your family, dearest Vee. Tsup!

martinealison said...

Oh! Je préfère les champignons que je cueilles dans la forêt ! et qui mettent mes papilles en alerte !... ce genre de champignon, mycose au diable!!! lol
Ta colonie de champignons est cependant sympathique au premier abord, mais si tu dis qu'ils sont beurk... je m'éloigne!

Gros gros bisous