I will no longer be publishing new posts until I finish this painting. Instead I will update this post with the progress of my painting.

November 4, 2012 6:59PM. Okay. I am really done for now. More later... Have a great week! Tsup!

November 4, 2012 5:46PM. Nothing comes from nothing. You know when something is not right, there is imbalance, my equilibrium is punctuated, there is no harmony and I don't feel good about it. Do you have an artistic advisor? Maybe a critic who will critique. In case somebody thinks that I can whip up paintings as fast as I can draw, here's the fact. I have a spatula collection, not just for painting and laying down the paints. I use them quite frequently to scrape off the paints. Payne's gray to the rescue. This is all for now. It is Sunday evening, I have not eaten and drank anything all day and I am still in my pajamas. I need a shower and I have to cook dinner for my family.

Have a great week!!!

November 4, 2012 12:00PM. Oil paints are unwieldy. No actually quite agreeable but requires a lot of patience, which I have none. Be still my heart. Someone with whom I blogged long time ago is blogging again after a two year absence. It is Sunday football and the Texans are playing. I am painting in my pajamas and listening to some foreign language songs. Arabic pop songs - I feel like belly dancing. Hahahaha!

November 4, 2012. It is past midnight. I decided to account for all the drawings I did in 2012. I do not particularly like chats and text messages. At work, I find these tools irritating and a nuisance. I only like exchanging text messages with my children and chatting with people I love. Otherwise, I fall asleep and get bored after typing "Hello."I like phone calls but only with interesting people I like.

November 3, 2012. 3:00 PM. No amount of drawing can assuage the sorrow I feel from losing my sister Leah. I remember how delighted she was with every drawing and post I shared and published. I miss her terribly. Sometimes I tell myself that she is in my heart but we all know that humans just think of such things to comfort themselves. The truth is when someone dies, they are gone. The things they did and how they lived their lives are what fills our memory. Some of them affected the lives of many, some in an immense way, and they were a big part of other people's lives. My sister and my friend Susan were in my dreams. I asked them if there was heaven. My sister was looking at me, she was silent and smiling. Susan was laughing without any noise and I heard myself say "You mean there is no heaven?"

I miss my sister and my friend.

I decided to paint. I am a juggler. No, I cannot juggle, I mean, I am a juggler.

November 3, 2004. I was drawing feverishly. Yesterday, the day before yesterday. Now I can't remember the other things I did but there was dinner, preparation after lunch, laundry, reading the news, emails, communicating back and forth with my sister in New Jersey, exchanging text messages with my daughter who was with friends...I was also drawing. I am sick of drawing. I feel I am wasting my time but I cannot help it. I drew these:


martinealison said...

J'aime quand CES manipule ses pinceaux... ou autre ! et jongle avec les couleurs...
je veux voir vite la suite...
Gros bisous

Steve E said...

Oh! That juggler...
Ces, you continue to AMAZE. Awesome!
A thought begot sketch begot painting. Talent. Creativity. WORK! love.

And your "header" a long-time favorite, oh my goodness.
ART. How wondrous thou ART!


Ces Adorio said...

Thank you Martine Alison! I will try. It has been a very long time and now my thoughts are rather jumbled. I want to do something different but still mine.

Ces Adorio said...

Thank you Steve! I just want something different! Gotta go pour that coffee and pick up my brushes. Thank you for that photo. It does look nice. Hehehehe! Tsup!

Bella Sinclair said...

You are the most amazing and lovely juggler. I am a juggler not. Art is not a juggernaut.

Oooh, I love that crimini against the brown. Looks like a crisp, rising moon. Not like the ominous, glowing, yellow, large half moon I saw looming over the horizon last night.

The colors in your painting set my brain ablaze! I think I shall call you Joan. Have fun with your oils and your brushes. Now I imagine your juggler is belly dancing. What talent! It is Sunday, and you are painting! Tsup!!!

Ces Adorio said...

Aaah! There's my problem. Art is a juggernaut. That crimini is a Volvariella bombycina. That was my option to draw something white. Maybe I will draw the katmon flower on the sepia tone cotton paper like that. No belly dancing. I was painting in a very small corner. The last time I tried to do more than paint, I fell and bruised my right arm and punctured the 30"x40" canvas. I am surprised that I actually painted today - the first time this year. Painted the orange for you. Tsup!

Ces Adorio said...

OOOOOOHHH!!! I love your Fu Manchu!!!! Tsup!

Steve E said...

I just KNEW bella would be along, thank You, God.
Ces...no heaven? then why would anyone paint?
Why would a young Peep spend 5 hours each day practicing his violin?
Why would Bella write "Tsup?"
Why would I ask you these "WHYs"?

I know, just a dream.
Your sister was saying to you, "My lovely sister--artist...Ces--you have not ONE clue of heaven. But be patient!"
Friend Susan, noislessly laughing, as if to tell you, "Ces, you mean you STILL do not "believe?" HAHAHA!

When you get around to read this, you will know that this fiddlemn in Naples FL, is another crazy who has stopped all concern of these things supernatural (do not believe that, Ces--grin!) and now realizes that things required of me of which I am incapable to do, God will do for me, if I seek God. (I do not have to FIND God). The seeking is what I can do. The finding is best left to God/Higher Power.


k.h.whitaker said...

My goodness. You make my head spin Ces! This is going to be wonderful. Oh and you draw because you must. I know this because it is the same for me ;)


Lorraine Young Pottery said...

Your painting is SO wonderful. I really love the deep colors and the Cubist shapes and the colors you selected! the trees and the symbols.


I understand how you feel about your sister, I had a death and also felt like there was a hole left in my heart. I would find myself profoundly sad at the oddest moments. I can tell you that it decreased slowly over time. I found watching natures cycles helped.

x Lorraine x