A Shoe, A Cat, An Orange

God bless the nurses, doctors and other hospital personnel who will make their way to work tomorrow during the hurricane to staff the hospitals in New Jersey, New York Virginia, etc. We have many families and friends over there. While most people have the option to stay home, our fellow health care workers are expected to report to work and perhaps stay until the worst has passed. Be safe. Praying for your safety. P.S. Park your cars on the upper floors!!!

There was an old woman 
Who lived in a ...
In a ...
Can you see it?
What do you mean a dinosaur tail?
Can't you see the purple pump shoe?
What about the orange,
Orange cat?
I doodled this while I was queuing to vote early
And watching reruns of Burn Notice
with my husband,
And chatting with my friend,
And baking chicken divan...

A Shoe, A Cat, An Orange
8"x10" Colored pigment ink on 9"x12" vellum Bristol Board


Tammie Lee said...

fatastical piece
i know it is not a word
fantasy and fantastic with a bit of magical thrown in ;-)

k.h.whitaker said...

its completely awesome is what it is!!! I love, love, love this!


Ted Blackman said...

Hey Ces, your poem doesn't rhyme too good, does it? ha.

But I love your shoe, cat, orange art. Man, that is cool to look at. You must like it too, you signed it twice.

Bella Sinclair said...

Hahahaha, Ted is funny.

Oy, now I am to believe that there is a cat here? Aaaah, such a fun drawing! Hehehehehe. You satisfy my voyeuristic yearnings with all these itty bitty windows and tiny people. The orange thingy reminds me of one of those stress toys that you squeeze so that his eyeballs and ears pop out. It looks fantastic on your header!!!!!

Ted Blackman said...

Yeah, I couldn't spot the cat either. Probably skedaddled when he saw all those undulating shapes. Yikes, I'm using words I learned from my grandfather.

Curious Art said...

Ooh, trippy! I love the beetlebus especially. Perhaps the cat is riding within?

We should all be grateful for health workers every day, but especially at times like this!

Bella Sinclair said...

Jumpin' jehosephat! You mean your grandfather liked to say Undulating too???

Lisa Graham Art said...

I see a large city of baby rattles...very interesting extravagant ones.

Way cool Ces!

Ces Adorio said...

Aaaawww!!! :( No one but me sees the things. I must be visually hallucinating. :(

AHAviews said...

Colourful! Mind-bending.

Jean said...

J'adore cette composition !
Les couleurs s'harmonisent si bien !