Giant and Monday Godawful Poetry

Epsilon - Vanishingly small quantities...
Pigment and India ink on 9"x12" Bristol Board.
Click on the little boy to see the giant :)

Monday Godawful Poetry - A Celebration of Mediocrity:

Life perplexing
Close your eyes
Someone is soon missing
Here today
Gone tomorrow
Now takes root
The aching
Might as well
Eat cake.


dosankodebbie said...

Ohhhhh, it took me a while, but I see him now. The texture of the tree bark is wonderful. And the faint reflection of the trees in the dark water...fascinating. (p.s. "stiff and rigid" is a good thing in etegami, as it will assist in the making of "awkward" drawings--much prized in the world of etegami) Tsup!

Lisa Graham Art said...

This is another fantastic drawing. Your drawings are always fantastic. I did not see the giant for while either...he is quite hidden there. Your poem is not godawful at all. Now I have to go google Tsup again...I only see it here on your blog and when you comment and I can never remember what it means. :)

Happy Monday. Don't work too hard.

Lisa Graham Art said...

OK I am back. Tsup means "kiss kiss" or "wasup" as in "wasup homie". I take it you mean it as kiss kiss. :)

Bella Sinclair said...

I always thought you meant wassup homie.

I'm waiting for the giant to give a good belly laugh. That should cheer up the little lad.

Angel food?
Pick your poison. I'll bring the forks.
Giant forks.

Wassup homie.

Tammie Lee said...

what kind of cake did you eat?
Oh i see Bella went there too.

Love the giant
and the boulders
the gorgeous trees
well all the details
so awesome to see it BIG, my eyes like that ;-)

Steve E said...

"Caking" while aching...
Have fork.
Will travel.


k.h.whitaker said...

OMGoodness!!! I love this so much. Love the hidden giant, love the trees, really love the trees and the boy is precious... Now I need cupcakes ;)


aimee said...

I've loved catching up on & in your world, Ces! Have missed you, and your illustrations are as fabulous as ever! xo

Shirley said...

Eeep! Beautiful piece, Ces. As are your previous four framed masterpieces in the previous post. How DO you DO so much and such fabulous work in the time you do? I just am amazed. Heeee you just crack me up! Hawaiian rolls and ObamaCare rules. I sense a thread there. : ) Glad you got to reorganize your office! When I'm procrastinating, I end up cleaning my desk too...and I do bills. You are too kind my friend..thank you for your watercolor love. I feel it and am so grateful. Big hugs to you - I am well..just working and working and ranting about an email I got today..but I'm ok now. Someone p@#%^$$^%#ed me off. : ( Tsup to you!!

Shirley said...

Thank you for the sunshine, Ces. I just got an apology from the emailer. : ) Yes, move on, be happy, life is unpredictable..you are so right. Thank you for the clarity you wise, wonderful woman you. Tsup!

Shirley said...

I'm subscribing to your line of thinking, Ces...do what you need to do, love as much as I can. It IS good to love good people, you are right. You have the perfect timing...sending a heartfelt hug to you my sisterfriend. I'm SO so very sorry of your loss..she is a gem that is shining upon you now. Tsup!

Ted Blackman said...

I'm kinda getting the gist of your poem, which means it's working, but I always like them to rhyme a little. Don't you? Feels more poemish that way.